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Berto's 35039500 Heating Element 1650w-230v For...

SAR 632
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Fits to models E9BR12-I, E9BR8, E9BR8-I, LXE9BR8-I, SE9BR12-I, SE9BR12-I-RM, SE9BR8, SE9BR8I, SE9BR8-I-RM BERTO'S Bratt pan gas SE9BR8-I BERTO'S Fry top electric E7FL4B, E7FL4B-CR, E7FL4BP, E7FL4BP-CR, E7FL4BP-SX, E7FL4B-SX, E7FL4M, E7FL4M-CR, E7FL4MP, E7FL4MP-CR, E7FL4MP-SX, E7FL4M-SX, E7FL8B-2, E7FL8B-2-CR, E7FL8B-2-SX, E7FL8BP-2, E7FL8BP-2-CR,...
Bertos Parts

Berto's 22049900 Electric Plate Switch

SAR 189
Fits to models E6PQ2BH6-T BERTO'S Kitchen electric E6P2B, E6P2M, E6P4B, E6P4-FE1, E6P4M, E6P6B, E6P6-FE1, E6P6M, E6P6-TE, E6PQ2BH6, E6PQ2H6-FE1, E6PQ2H6-FE1-T, E6PQ2MH6, E6PQ2MH6-FE1, E6PQ2MH6-FE1-T, E7P2B, E7P2M, E7P2Q, E7P4B, E7P4-FE, E7P4-FE1, E7P4M, E7P6B, E7P6-FE, E7P6-FE1, E7P6M, E7PQ2B, E7PQ2B-T, E7PQ2M, E7PQ2M-T, E7PQ4B, E7PQ4B-T, E7PQ4-FE,...


SAR 100 - SAR 1,560


Keep all of your commercial equipment in excellent working condition without having to replace the whole equipment; you can simply repair or replace the failed units. We offer the widest range of spare parts for almost everything related to your food service business. From coffee machines and refrigeration to ovens and ice cream machines, we have all the spare parts needed. This will not only save you money but also will save you time and promote efficiency

Buy Bertos Parts in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait,Oman
Buy Bertos Parts in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait,Oman
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