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Star QCS1-500B Bagel Fast Conveyor Toaster with Opening Star QCS1-500B Bagel Fast Conveyor Toaster with Opening 2
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Conveyor Toasters

Star QCS1-500B Compact Conveyor Toaster

SAR 6,953 SAR 6,257 Free Shipping
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Makes as many as 500 slices per hr 1.5-in opening accepts bread, English muffins, bagels, and more Quartz infrared heaters provide faster, more consistent heating than traditional heating elements 1.5” Opening Bagel toaster Belt speed and top and bottom heat controls ensure the ideal product color and texture
Star HPDE1H‐230V Hot Food Dispenser, Star HPDE1H‐230V Hot Food Dispenser, 2
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Server / Dispensers, Collars, Lids, and Squeeze Bottles

Star HPDE1H‐230V cheese Dispenser

SAR 5,913 SAR 5,322 Free Shipping
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Used on countertop Sauitable for cheese & hot sauces Heats one type of sauces only  Forced air heating system Lighted on/off switch Stainless Steel construction
Star RTW14E Rolling Tortilla and flat bread Warmer Star RTW14E Rolling Tortilla and flat bread Warmer 2
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Conveyor Toasters

Star RTW14E Rolling Tortilla and flat bread Warmer

SAR 20,642 SAR 15,481 Free Shipping
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Heats products to a target temperature of 160° F (71° C) in a matter of seconds Heat up to 900 6-inch (152 mm) tortillas per hour Electronic control allows easy and precise adjustment of the thermostat up to 480° F (249° C) and quick changes to drum speed Easy to clean and exceptionally durable Made in USA
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Outlet Equipment

[Used] Star GX20IS Dual Grill Express Heavy...

SAR 5,500 Used Item Price: SAR 4,675 Free Shipping
Used; perfect working condition LPN: PL0000025307 All the machines have been tested by technicians and may have some water or grinds in them 1-year warranty
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Outlet Equipment

[Used] Star GX10IG Grooved Top & Bottom Panini...

SAR 1,800 Used Item Price: SAR 1,440 Free Shipping
Used; perfect working condition LPN: PL0000022109 All the machines have been tested by technicians and may have some water or grinds in them 1-year warranty
Panini Grills

Star GX10IG Grooved Top & Bottom Panini Grill 10"

SAR 3,285 Free Shipping
The Star GX10IG two-sided grill uses grooved cast iron plated with embedded elements to cook food evenly and create attractive grill markings A self-adjusting hinge system allows users to evenly cook food up to three inches thick The grill's 20-gauge stainless steel construction and water-resistant plastic conduits ensure a durable, resilient product
Lava Rock Charbroilers

Star Ultra-Max 8048CB Lava Rock Charbroiler (48")

SAR 18,980 Free Shipping
20,000 BTUs per six inches of width with separate control of each section for maximum heat and control Heavy duty cast iron grates Grates are reversible (thin on one side for seating, thick on another side for preparing more delicate items) Large capacity stainless steel water pan for easy cleanup Stainless steel 12.7 CM high tapered splash guard
Electric Charbroilers

Star 5136CF, 36", Electric, Radiant Charbroiler

SAR 18,999 Free Shipping
36" (91.44 cm) wide Removable cast iron grid constructed of stainless steel Equipped with an 8.5-liter stainless steel water pan drawer Infinite control for every 12” of cooking surface Supplied with 4” (10.2 cm) high die cast nickel plated legs Two types of heat transfer, radiation direct from elements and conduction through the grates provide...
Electric Charbroilers

Star 5124CF Electric Charbroiler 24"

SAR 21,704 Free Shipping
Stainless steel construction Two types of heat transfer, radiation direct from elements, and conduction through the grates, provide even heat distribution High performance, 4 Incoloy sheath type heating elements,  provide high-speed char-broiling to accommodate high volume operations Infinite control every 12” of cooking surface for precise...
Panini Grills

Star GX10IG Panini Grill Cast Iron Grooved...

SAR 3,036 Free Shipping
Heavy cast iron plates retain and evenly distribute heat Grooved plates create grill marks on the product The bottom plate has a 0.75-in. splash guard to keep debris and liquids contained The top plate has a hinge system that enables safe operation Can accommodate 3-in.-thick product Temperature range: 175-450 degrees F The manual thermostat makes...
Conveyor Toasters

Star QCS1-350 Compact Conveyor Toaster

SAR 6,199 Free Shipping
Compact design QCS1-350 toasts up to 350 slices per hour Easy to use control panel takes the guesswork out of speed control settings. Variable speed control for perfect color and texture Energy efficient Heated holding area to keep toast at the perfect temperature
Panini Grills

Star GX20IGS Dual Grill Express Heavy Duty...

SAR 8,544 Free Shipping
Heavy-duty cast iron platens, available in grooved or smooth, provide longevity and superior performance to meet your menu requirements The bottom platen has a patented 3/4” splash guard corralls product and offers maximum protection against grease spills Removable grease trough located in front of bottom platen allows easy clean up
Star Parts

Star 2t-Z5958 Thermostat, Star Max Griddles

SAR 632 Free Shipping
Fits to models 515 series, 524 series, 536 series, 548 series, 724 series, 736 series, 748 series, 760 series, 772 series, TG1, TG2, TMGE24, TMGE36, TMGE48
Star Parts

Star 2n-Z5948 Heating Element, 4000w, 240v for...

SAR 453 Free Shipping
Fits to models 515TGD, 515TGD-AP, 515TGF, 515TGF-AP, 524CHSD, 524CHSF, 524TGD, 524TGD-AP, 524TGD-DIV, 524TGDS, 524TGF, 524TGF-AP, 524TGF-DIV, 524TGF-PE50, 536CHSD, 536CHSD-230V, 536CHSF, 536TGD, 536TGD-230V, 536TGD-DIV, 536TGDS, 536TGF, 536TGF-DIV, 536TGF-PE, 548CHSD, 548CHSF, 548TGD, 548TGDS, 548TGF, TMGE24, TMGE36, TMGE48
Electric Griddles

Star Max 536TGF Countertop Thermostatic...

SAR 11,099 Free Shipping
The Star Max 536TGF 36" electric countertop griddle with snap-action thermostatic controls delivers superior cooking performance All stainless steel construction and front panel for long lasting attractive appearance and ease of cleaning Heavy-duty all-welded body construction with stainless steel front, bull nose, and 4-1/2” high tapered splash guard

Star has been the leading manufacturer of restaurant equipment since 1921 in St. Louise, Missouri. They have an extensive range of products like the Star SWBS Waffle Maker, Star Max 548TGF Countertop Electric Toaster Griddle, and world-class Star Grooved Top & Bottom Panini Grill. Star is among the largest manufacturer of heavy-duty and high-quality kitchen equipment in the world. This is the best partner in helping you in your growing business.

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