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Frymaster FMJ250 Gas Fryer With Filtration and Digital
Gas Fryers

Frymaster FMJ250 Gas Fryer With Filtration and...

FMJ250 (CM3.5)
SAR 84,332 Free Shipping
Open-pot design is easy to clean  25-liter oil capacity per full frypot  97,271 Btu/hr. input Master Jet burner system distributes heat evenly for efficient heat exchange and quick recovery  Stainless steel frypot, door and cabinet  Reliable fast-action temperature probe  Deep cold zone  Push-button ignitor Filter cycle is complete from start to...
Frymaster FPRE480-17 High Capacity Electric Fryer with Built-in
Electric Fryers

Frymaster FPRE480-17 High Capacity Electric...

SAR 207,131 Free Shipping
Computer controller 80-lb. (40 liters) oil capacity per frypot Sloped bottom for fast, thorough draining Stainless steel frypot, door and cabinet sides Two twin bry baskets per frypot 18” x 18” frying area, 4-3/8” cooking depth 17 kW input Melt cycle, boil-out mode Self-standing, swing-up, flat-bar, low-watt density, long-life heating elements
Frymaster FPEL314CA Electric Fryer with Built-in Filtration
Electric Fryers

Frymaster FPEL314CA Electric Fryer with...

SAR 105,746 Free Shipping
30-lb.(15-liter) frypot with open-pot design requires 40% less oil to cook as much food as frypots almost twice its size while using 10% less energy and producing less waste Stainless steel frypot, door, and cabinet sides with adjustable casters 3000 controller has operation management features that monitor and help control food and oil quality, oil...
Frymaster FPEL414CA electric Fryer  with built-in filtration
Electric Fryers

Frymaster FPEL414CA Electric Fryer with...

SAR 130,117 Free Shipping
4 fry pots. 14L capacity each SMART4U 3000 computer controller Auto oil top-off Built‐in filtration Independent frypot construction of batteries makes it easy to repair or replace a frypot while maintaining continuous operation ENERGY STAR® Innovative safety features offer automatic high limit reset and audible alarm if 2nd drain is opened Has 20...
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