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Sous Vide Machines

RM Gastro BI-90/150 E, Electric Boiling Kettle...

RM Gastro
BI-90/150 E
SAR 24,155
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Bottom of tank made of AISI 316 (salt corrosion-resistant, tank sides, top plate, and front panel made of AISI 304) Thickness of the material is 1.5 mm. Highly effective indirect heating system Volume: 150 liter Semi-automatic water fi lling system for easy and safe operation Pressure controlled by safety-system gauge 0.5 bars and manometer...
Sous Vide Machines

Sammic SmartVide8 Portable Sous-vide Cooker

SAR 5,750
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Portable precision cooker with a stirrer for up to 56lt containers With thick stainless steel, robust construction guarantees commercial performance SmartVide8 is portable: thanks to their thick, stainless steel, ergonomic handle, SmartVide8 can be taken from a container to another easily 230/50-60/1
Sous Vide Machines

Berto's E9BR12/I Tilting Bratt Pans

SAR 37,260
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Possible to braise, brown, grill and cook directly on the bottom of the tank Its high thickness distributes heat evenly over the entire surface to guarantee uniform cooking and energy saving The water load tap on the back side of the top and the rounded shape of the tank, that can be overturned manually, make it easy to be cleaned


Maximum Water Capacity (L)

50 - 150

Country of Origin


SAR 120 - SAR 37,275

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You can never have your kitchen up and running without proper cooking equipment. If you’re looking for equipment for frying, grilling, sauteing, boiling, broiling, or baking, you can choose from a wide selection of ranges, grills, and charbroilers to meet any of your cooking needs. Whether you’re running restaurant, hotel, catering service, deli, bakery, café or any food service establishment of any size, you can find your essentials and accessories here. From sous vides machines, toasters, griddles, and pasta cookers, to waffle and crepe makers, we’ve got you covered

Buy Sous Vide Machines in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait,Oman
Buy Sous Vide Machines in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait,Oman
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