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Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee, 1kg

SAR 137
Whole coffee beans Balanced medium acidity 1kg Hazelnut, Brown Sugar Washed, Dried Velvety crema, milder with sweetness, aromas of honey and almonds

Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Pack 6x1 Kg

SAR 820
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Pack of 6 x 1 Kg A blend of smooth Brazilian coffees, Central American milds and delicate sweet Indonesian varieties. Super Crema delivers a velvety crema and a long-lasting taste.
Coffee for Home Use

Lavazza Espresso Armonico Coffee Capsules -...

SAR 265
Capsules Compatible with Nespresso® Original machines for home use Coffee with a full-bodied flavor with enveloping notes of roasted cereals and caramel Blend of 100% South American Arabica coffee beans 10 Capsules per box
Coffee for Home Use

Lavazza Decaffeinato Ricco Decaffeinated Coffee...

SAR 265
Capsules Compatible with Nespresso® Original machines for home use Blend of Arabica and Robusta Aromatic notes of cereals and dried fruit Decaffeinated Coffee Capsules 10 Capsules per box 
Coffee for Home Use

Lavazza Classico Prontissimo Premium Instant...

SAR 186
Instant Coffee An extraordinary blend of soluble 100% Arabica coffee with medium roasting smooth and well balanced, with delicate hints of caramel Gluten-free Weight: 95g which can make up to 52 cups of coffee 

Founded in Italy in 1895 by Luigi Lavazza, it was initially run as a small grocery store. Today, Lavazza is branded as "Italy's Favourite Coffee”. It has become one of the leading roasters in Italy, where it dominates 40% of the country’s coffee market. Lavazza gained its reputation as a trusted brand, not just in Italy, but all over the world, that it imports coffee from around the world, including Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, Uganda, Indonesia, United States, and Mexico.

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