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Booster Heaters

Hatco C-45 Compact Electric Booster Water Heater

SAR 15,597
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Water heater booster for restaurant and foodservice dishwashers Stainless steel front panel and powder-coated silver-gray hammertone body  Swing-away front panels with low-water cut-off and control fuses allow quick access to probes and elements for easier serviceability Castone® lined tank with a capacity of 6 gallon Provides rinse water with 180°f...
Booster Heaters

Hatco C-36 Compact Booster Water Heater

SAR 14,281
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Provides all the 180°F (82°C) final rinse water required to sanitize and flash-dry dishes and flatware. Features fiberglass insulation to minimize heat loss. The space saving Compact is easy to install next to the dishwasher with slide brackets or on 6" (152 mm) legs. The storage capacity is 6 gallons (23 liters).

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SAR 14,280 - SAR 15,600

Booster Heaters

Booster heaters are a special type of water heater typically used to heat rinse water to proper sanitizing temperatures.

Booster Heaters
Booster Heaters
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