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Sammic 5600020 Fly Killer
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Insect Control

Sammic 5600020 Fly Killer

EX-80 (5600020)
SAR 1,234 SAR 987 Free Shipping
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Area of protection up to 150 sq m High tension grid Surrounding attraction 360 degrees Twin 40W ultra violet tubes with easy access for replacement 230V/5060Hz/1
Insect Control

BrandenBurg Cobra Fly Trap Translucent 220V

SAR 1,350 Free Shipping
Wall Mounted(Glue Board Unit) Translucent technology for maximum insect capture Quick-release front cover for fast & easy servicing  Low running costs and reduced CO2 emissions
Insect Control

BrandenBurg Genus Eclipse Ultra Brandlite...

SAR 1,116 Free Shipping
Outperforms all competitor front of house units as well as some competitor back of house units 2 x 15 Watt Black Light Blue (BLB) lamps for maximum flying insect attraction Customization inserts to facilitate brand promotions and messages Design-led styling, silent operation, discreet and out of sight fly control for sensitive locations Out of sight...
Insect Control

Genus Illume Alpha Light For Flying Insect...

Genus Illume
SAR 1,118 Free Shipping
Mimicking the appearance of a modern wall light Perfect for fly control in sensitive front of house locations Available with 2 x 25 W UVA lamps providing fast-flying insect attraction Large and discreet HACCP compliant glue board catches all flying insects Electronic ballast engineering for greater power efficiency and reduced running costs...
Insect Control

BrandenBurg Genus ECO30 Catcher Insect Light...

SAR 897 Free Shipping
Aluminum finish for smart hygienic appearance 2 x 15 Watt lamps and integral reflectors for increased UVA output Horizontal or vertical mounting offering flexibility in location  Easy opening hinged cover for fast, safe and both hands-free consumables replacement  Large, fully grid-marked Brandenburg universal glue board for maximum catch area and...
Insect Control

BrandenBurg Viper 60 Catcher Fly Trap 220V

SAR 1,697 Free Shipping
Fitted with four 15 W lamps, external front and back hinging grills to allow for easy service access Attracts flies into a large grid marked glue board to assist with HACCP compliance  Quick and easy, tool-free servicing  Wall mounted, corner mounted or ceiling suspended installation options


SAR 880 - SAR 1,700

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Buy Insect Control in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait,Oman
Buy Insect Control in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait,Oman
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