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Hoshizaki DCM-120KE G60 125kg Cubelet Ice & Water Dispenser Hoshizaki DCM-120KE G60 125kg Cubelet Ice & Water Dispenser 2
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Hoshizaki DCM-120KE G60 125kg Cubelet Ice &...

DCM-120KE G60
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Ice Production Capacity (kg/24h): 125 with Storage Bin Capacity: 4 kg Built-in insulated storage bin that features a U-shaped design Electrical Supply: 1/220-240V/60Hz Stainless Steel exterior for a more modern look  Weight (kg): 57 Water consumption of the unit is equal to its ice production  
Ice Dispensers

Scotsman TCS180AS 135 kg Ice and Water Dispenser

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Scotsman countertop ice dispenser producing cubelet ice, designed for hands-free operation Dimensions (mm): 388(w) x 600(d) x 890(h) Max. production/24hrs: 135 kg with Bin Capacity: 5 kg Weight: 64 kg Voltage: 230/50/1
Ice Dispensers

Follett 7 Series Countertop 56KG Ice and Water...

SAR 19,362 Free Shipping
Compact size, only 17.62" (44.8 cm) tall to fit on counters under standard cabinets  7 lb (3.2 kg) ice storage capacity Integral air-cooled ice machine with up to 125 lb (56.7 kg) daily production of popular Chewblet ice Designed with sanitation in mind, capacitive touch eliminates direct contact with ice comes fully assembled 
Ice Dispensers

Hoshizaki DCM-60KE 60 kg Ice & Water Dispenser

DCM-60KE G60
SAR 19,907 Free Shipping
Portion control can be easily set, making it easy to regulate the consumption of ice among end-users, reducing energy consumption and waste Hoshizaki ice dispensers are more compact with reduced space requirements and in line with modern interiors The ice dispensing system includes a lever and LED operation buttons, easy and simple to use, therefore...


SAR 16,790 - SAR 19,910

Ice Equipment

If you run a food service business where you serve beverages of any kind, need to store food ice cold and fresh, or even keep food products chilled during transport, and you’re still looking for the best ice equipment, we’ve got you covered. Ice machines are necessary for almost any food service or hospitality establishment. You can choose from a very wide selection of ice dispensers, ice makers, and ice bins.

Ice dispensers are used best if you own a deli, café, restaurant, or a hotel. You can serve big amounts of chilled drinks and beverages without any worries. If you operate a fishery shop, butchery or any other meat merchandise, you can choose what suits you best form our selection of ice makers. Stackable ice makers and self-contained ice makers can produce tens of kilograms of ice cubes in few hours. While ice bins can be your safe and spacious ice storage, where you can have the piles of ice cubes ready to use. All our products are made from durable and temperature-retaining materials to deliver years of reliable service.

Buy Ice Dispensers in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait,Oman
Buy Ice Dispensers in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait,Oman
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