Food Holding and Warming Line

It’s very important to hold food at the proper serving temperature, that’s why we have an array of commercial food warmer and fold holding equipment that will meet your business needs. Whether you run catering, buffet, or other food service business, you can choose from heat lamps, countertop warmers and display cases, strip warmers, and holding and proofing cabinets; we’ve got everything you need for your holding and warming needs

Heat Lamps

Food heat lamps are an effective way to keep foods hot while customers awaiting their orders

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Drop-in Wells & Bain Marie
A commercial drop-in well is a type of food holding and warming equipment that is commonly used in commercial kitchens. It is a stainless steel well that is designed to be placed into a countertop or other surface, and it is used to hold and warm food items such as soups, sauces, and other dishes. Drop-in wells are a convenient and efficient way to keep food at the ideal serving temperature, and they are often used in buffet-style service or in other food service settings. A bain marie, on the other hand, is a type of heated water bath that is used to gently cook or warm food. It consists of a pot or container that is placed in a larger pan of water, which is heated to a specific temperature. This allows the food in the inner container to cook or warm slowly and evenly, without burning or drying out. Bain maries are commonly used in commercial kitchens to prepare delicate dishes such as custards and sauces, and they are an essential tool for any professional chef. Together, commercial drop-in wells and bain maries are important tools for any food service establishment, and they can help to make your kitchen more efficient and productive. Whether you are a professional chef looking to upgrade your equipment, or a restaurant owner looking to expand your food offering, these appliances are a great investment.
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Countertop Warmers and Display Cases

These displays will make your meals more accessible to customers and keep them at safe temperatures until serving time

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Strip Warmers

Strip food warmers are essential to keeping food at safe serving temperatures

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Holding and Proofing Cabinets

Proofing cabinets help you make fresh bread, other pastries and will keep hot food at the perfect serving temperature

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