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Blakeslee XC-15-T Potato and Vegetable Peelers

SAR 13,384
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All corrosion-resistant stainless steel, aluminum, and polystyrene construction 15-20 lbs (7-9kg) will take 3 minutes. One peeling cycle will serve 45-50 persons Cast aluminum long life abrasive peeling disk is standard Motor and drive are sealed off from wet zones 1/3 H.P Splash-proof 5-minute timer Heavy cast aluminum discharge door
Peelers & Dryers

SAP PL15, 15 kg, Potato Peeler

SAR 5,718
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Made of stainless steel Tank capacity: 15 kg Hourly output: 450 kg/h Dimensions: 40 x 50 x 90 cm Power: 1 hp Motor: 0.75 kW Motor speed 1360 RPM 1400 RPM Fitted with the most up to date safety devices Equipped with a belt-drive gear motor with a quiet The transparent glass cover allows the operator to monitor the processing
Peelers & Dryers

IMC SMP25 Potato Peeler

SAR 25,491
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Offers all the features of the SP Range peelers and more Supplied with its own stand, the SMP25 incorporates a fully interlocked lid It also comes with an integral filter basket Timer for added convenience Start and stop buttons are mounted next to the discharge chute for easy access Cylinder liners are quick and easy to replace and reversible for...
Peelers & Dryers

Sammic ES-100 Salad Spinner Dryer

SAR 12,999
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Dry lettuce and other vegetables in 1-3 minutes Lightweight and removable stainless steel basket Capacity per load: 6 Kg Equipped with castors  Stainless steel construction Electronic timer with 3 fixed cycles Waterproof control panel Braking system safety mechanism: allowing the basket to stop turning as soon as lid opens An indicator appears...
Peelers & Dryers

SAP PL20, 20 Kg, Potato Peeler

SAR 5,542
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Material stainless steel Tank capacity :4 kg Hourly output: 120 kg/h Motor: 0.5 kW 230 V/50 Hz or 230/400 V/50 Hz Power: 0.6 hp Motor speed: 1350 RPM 230 V / 50 1400 RPM 400 V / 50 Hz Dimensions (cm): 32 x 42 x 56 H
Peelers & Dryers

Hobart SDPS-13 Salad Dryer

SAR 33,460
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Capacity: 75 liters, 16 heads of lettuce ¼ HP motor with thermal overload Permanently lubricated gear drive 406 RPM gently spins water off Stainless Steel Salad Dryer Stainless steel outer tub and lid with a fully sealed polyethylene base Stainless steel motor splash guard Easy to reach 5-minute timer conveniently located at the top of the tub
Peelers & Dryers

Univex G-PEELER Portable Potato Peeler

SAR 10,999
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Great for root vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, and parsnips. Some customers even use it to scale small fish 1/3 hp Stainless steel construction ensures long life and makes cleaning easy Precision timer automatically shuts off as desired, prevents over peeling Extended discharge tube minimizes splashing Corrosion resistant cover Capacity: 9 KG
Peelers & Dryers

Powerline pp-60 Potato Peeler

SAR 37,923
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Stainless steel body Great for root vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, and parsnips Able to remove  peels in a quick and efficient manner  Heavy duty long lasting abrasive disc & sides Capacity per batch: 55-66 lbs / 25-30 Kg , per hour: 1322.77 lbs ( 600 KG ) Branding stone wheel, 550mm Ø, ensures equal turning and stripping 5 munites timer


SAR 5,540 - SAR 37,930

Food Preparation

Regardless of what sort of foodservice business you run, we have food preparation equipment that will make your life easier and your day-to-day tasks a lot less complex. Whether you’re looking for meat and cheese slicer or French fry cutter to use in your deli, or you need food packaging supplies to safely store leftover ingredients at your restaurant, or still in search for dough mixers and sheeters, or breading equipment at your bakery, we’ve got you covered. You will be able to perform tasks safely and incredibly reduce the wasted time and effort at your kitchen if you got the right tool

Buy Peelers & Dryers in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait,Oman
Buy Peelers & Dryers in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait,Oman
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