Buy Commercial French Fry Cutters in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait,Oman

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Commercial French Fry Cutters

Halco K375 French Fry Cutter

SAR 2,248 Free Shipping
French fry cutter features a heavy duty cast body Contains a cast iron handle and a stainless steel trough The frame, pusher block, and cutting frame are all rust-proof This cutter has potato cutting capacity up to 50 pounds per hour Cut size: 0.4 (3/8") 1 cm (22.7 kg) per hour
Commercial French Fry Cutters

Nemco 550550AN-R Straight Chip Twister Cutter

SAR 1,423 Free Shipping
Cuts fresh potatoes into ribbon style fries Easy to use with screw drive operation Drive automatically releases at the end of the stroke to quickly retract so users can reload Pre-set drive depth prevents the potato holder from coming in contact with the cutting blade Commercial-grade cast aluminum and stainless steel construction resists minor dents...
Commercial French Fry Cutters

Nemco 56450A-1Monster Fry Kutter

SAR 10,862 Free Shipping
Labor saving Consistent cut size for portion control 4 ¼-inch square cutting area Specifically designed for 70 count extra large potatoes


SAR 1,420 - SAR 10,870

Food Preparation

Regardless of what sort of foodservice business you run, we have food preparation equipment that will make your life easier and your day-to-day tasks a lot less complex. Whether you’re looking for meat and cheese slicer or French fry cutter to use in your deli, or you need food packaging supplies to safely store leftover ingredients at your restaurant, or still in search for dough mixers and sheeters, or breading equipment at your bakery, we’ve got you covered. You will be able to perform tasks safely and incredibly reduce the wasted time and effort at your kitchen if you got the right tool

Buy Commercial French Fry Cutters in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait,Oman
Buy Commercial French Fry Cutters in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait,Oman
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