Janitorial & Safety Supplies

Keeping your commercial kitchen clean at all times is essential. To maintain high standards of sanitation in your cafe or restaurant, equip your cleaning staff with these top-quality janitorial supplies.

Washroom Equipment

Keep your washroom well-supplied and organized with these high-quality washroom equipment

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Trash Cans and Recycling Containers

These high-quality trash bins and recycling containers will help you segregate your waste and dispose of them properly

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Cleaning Chemicals and Sanitizers

Here, we have a selection of hand soaps and other cleaning aids that are ideal for commercial use.

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Sink Waste Management

From waste bins and mop buckets to commercial garbage disposals, we've got you covered

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Insect Control

Preventative maintenance is the key to flying insect control in restaurants, and we offer products like bug catchers, fly light traps, and bug zappers that help you combat these problems before they arrive.

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