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Server / Dispensers, Collars, Lids, and Squeeze Bottles

Prince Castle 589-NMCC Sauce Dispenser 1/4oz

Prince Castle
SAR 600
Free Shipping
Prince Castle Model No. 589-NMCC Sauce Dispenser, Mayonnaise, Tartar, Guacamole, Sour Cream, 1/4 oz Bottle not included 
Server / Dispensers, Collars, Lids, and Squeeze Bottles

Prince Castle 580-NMCC Sauce Dispenser

Prince Castle
SAR 635
Free Shipping
Precise Portion Control 1/3 ounce Designed to Dispense Heavy Sauce Like Mayonnaise, Tarter, etc. Red Handle for Easy Identification NSF Listed Order Dispensing Bottles Separately
Server / Dispensers, Collars, Lids, and Squeeze Bottles

Prince Castle 581-NMCC Heavy Sauce Dispenser

Prince Castle
SAR 656
Free Shipping
Length: 48 CM Width: 8 CM Height: 19 CM Dispenses 1/2 oz Great for heavy sauces like mayonnaise, tartar, sour cream, etc. Precise portion control Bottles are sold separately
Baking Hand Tools and Utensils

Prince Castle Pancake Spatula

Prince Castle
SAR 138
Pancake Turner for heavy-duty flipping Flips pancakes up to 6" in diameter Easy-grip handle Helps eliminate sticking Durable stainless steel finish for easy clean-up
Serving Supplies


Prince Castle
SAR 74
Meat Spatula 41 /4 in. (10.79 cm) Precision edges on grill tools allow you to quickly clean up your grill with less effort and no scratching.  Sharp spatulas pick up meat cleanly without tearing Eliminating excess carbon that can affect food flavor.
Digital Timers, Mechanical Timers, and Clocks

Prince Castle 741-T44CE Multi-Display...

Prince Castle
SAR 3,687
Free Shipping
Improves food safety and maintains proper product consistency and quality Slim design allows timer to be mounted anywhere Separate, easy-to-read display dedicated to each channel, with digital channel display for active channel Adjustable alarm indicates end of cycle Traffic signal indicator light changes color as countdown elapses Water and...
Cookware Covers and Accessories


Prince Castle
SAR 1,260
Free Shipping
 Helps maximize griddle space.  Produces perfect individual portions.   Nonstick coating for easy cleanup and no waste cooking.   Cool-to-the-touch wire handles make handling easy.   Six rings per unit, each with a 3-3/4” diameter.  Height in(cm): 4.75 (12.06)   Length in(cm): 13.75 (34.92)
Countertop Warmers and Display Cases

Prince Castle DHB2PT-27CGB Countertop Holding...

Prince Castle
SAR 26,285
Free Shipping
MenuTrak Dedicated Holding Bin Countertop Pass-thru design (2) shelf (6) 1/3 size dual-handle pans with covers (included) Solid-state digital controls Removable pan rack Storage for 6 different menus MenuTrack food supervisory system On/off switch (6) independently controlled heaters Stainless steel & aluminum construction
Bun Toasters

Princecastle 212-AC Batch Bun Toaster

Prince Castle
SAR 15,998
Free Shipping
Toasts up to 12 complete buns at one time Provides perfect caramelization by contact toasting for better tasting product Unit is easy to clean and maintain Visible and audible alarms signal toast cycle is complete Adjustable thermostat provides precise toasting for all types of bread products Adjustable bun thickness controls Adjustable timer from...
Patty Press


Prince Castle
SAR 332
Free Shipping
Provides firm, even pressure for superior results Eliminates distortion and prevents shrinkage  Reduces cooking time Improves food quality and food safety   Ideal for multiple frozen hamburger patties, bacon, steaks, and other meats Length (30.50 cm) Width (15.2 cm) Height (8.9 cm)
Countertop Warmers and Display Cases

Prince Castle DHB4PT-20CCE Dedicated Holding Bin

Prince Castle
SAR 32,856
Free Shipping
Hold food longer than other methods - over 1 hour without loss of flavor, texture or shrinkage Less waste and faster speed of service Holds foods at safe temperatures and provides a consistent quality product Hold both fried and non-fried menu items in the same bin Exclusive Reli-A-Temp™ infrared heater technology provides consistent food temperatures...

Founded in 1955, Prince Castle is a leading manufacturer of foodservice products for the fast food industry and is also an innovator of products such as holding bins and contact toasters to the industry. Prince Castle creates quality products based on their first-hand experiences on the real-life situations inside the kitchen. Thus making products to improve restaurant operations by allowing quick and safe service of food in thousands of restaurants around the world.

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