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Anfim Scody II On-Demand Anfim Scody II On-Demand 2
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Espresso Grinders

Anfim Scody II On-Demand

SAR 6,299 SAR 5,669
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Grinding Disc: 75 mm Hardened Steel Grinding Speed: 3.2 seconds / Single Espresso Hopper Capacity: 2 Kg On-Demand Programmable  Shot Counter
Espresso Grinders

Anfim SP-II Special Performance On-Demand

SAR 10,999
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Grinding Disc: 75 mm Titanium Coated Grinding Speed: 2.2 sec / Single Espresso Hopper Capacity: 2 Kg Dual Cooling Fans World Latte Art Championship 2017 Approved Grinder Stepless grind and adjustment Programmable On-Demand

Italian espresso culture is growing worldwide. Anfim introduces you to the heart of a good coffee with their coffee grinders. Their grinders are set for any requirements and can withstand the workload of a busy home or cafe. Having different functionalities on their grinders like the active cooling system or the stepless grind adjustment, these features meets the most specific demands of any quality aware baristas. Anfim offers you the best grinders out on the market and its quality is surely the highest of standard an Italian company could give.

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