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Ice Tech machines are certified to the very highest quality standards, including their production unit with the ISO 9001 certification which guarantees the quality of our work process, and the CE certification mark throughout the range.
Ice Tech machines have obtained electromagnetic safety and compatibility approval with the International Certification
Institute TECNO CERT. They also have other international certifications, KETI, UL, NSF, as well as safety and social
responsibility certification in the workplace for the whole company.
All Ice Tech products are based on both operating and manufacturing efficiency.
The criterion of efficiency includes energy and water consumption saving, as well as ease of maintenance and repair work on
the machine.
We must also emphasize respect for the environment, machines designed to comply with existing recycling codes, as well
as the implementation of an eco-sustainable code of conduct in our machines and our means of production. We already
have a range of machines that operate with CO2, and we are working on the development of new products with ecological
It should be added that all machines are tropicalized, certifying their operation at +43ºC.
With a Lean system implemented in production, all the machines are monitored from their origin, materials, and components
of the best suppliers and conform to the strict specifications marked in each project.

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