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Kapp Model Catering Lid Satin

SAR 20
Made of high-quality, robust 18/10 stainless steel and designed for the long run in hard conditions of Professional Kitchens Three layers base of each product is compressed with the IMPACT BONDING* method at a high pressure which results with the nonseparable layers and even heat distribution Handles are tack welded up to 10 points for the strongest...
Cast Iron Cookware

Tomlinson Cast Iron Lid, Fits Supercast Fry Pan

SAR 103
Lid, cast iron, for 15cm, 25cm, 30cm Supercast fry pan Supercast fry pans lids are the finest grade cast iron for cooking or presentation.  Cast iron cookware is pre-seasoned Long-lasting
Cookware Covers and Accessories


Prince Castle
SAR 1,260
Free Shipping
 Helps maximize griddle space.  Produces perfect individual portions.   Nonstick coating for easy cleanup and no waste cooking.   Cool-to-the-touch wire handles make handling easy.   Six rings per unit, each with a 3-3/4” diameter.  Height in(cm): 4.75 (12.06)   Length in(cm): 13.75 (34.92)


SAR 10 - SAR 1,270


They might be little in size but their contribution to a perfect cooking process is unlimited. Whether you run any food service business of any size or volume, smallwares are important to every part of preparing and storing food, serving a meal, baking, and preparing beverages. Our selection features a wide array of products, including kitchen hand tools, baking tools, pizza tools, kitchen cutlery, disposables, serving supplies, cookware. You can even find kitchen supplies which include colanders, cutting boards, ingredient bowls, digital timers, insets, and mixing bowls. If you’re in charge of a fast food chain, high quality take away packaging containers and paper cups.

Buy Cookware Covers and Accessories in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait,Oman
Buy Cookware Covers and Accessories in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait,Oman
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