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High Speed Hybrid Ovens

Merrychef Eikon E4S High Speed Oven

Eikon e4SST
SAR 38,998
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Simple operation with easyTouch Touchscreen control Up to 15 x faster preparation times Download recipes via the USB port Rapid cooking with high-quality repeatable results Ventless operation Combines three heat technologies convection, microwave, impingement 50% Quieter operation
High Speed Hybrid Ovens

Merrychef EC401 High Speed Oven

SAR 28,865
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Microwave combination mode reduces cooking times by up to 6 times  Quick pre-heat time ( 15 minutes )  4 microwave power levels to allow the most delicate products to be cooked  Stainless Steel construction  Easy to use Digital Control Panel   In-built diagnostics  Easy to clean interior

High breed ovens for commercial kitchens since 1950. Merrychef was one of the innovator in microwave cooking, producing the very first convection oven in 1960.

Merrychef expended their catalog from then on and in order to keep their products functional and convenient, Merrychef parts and accessories were made available so you can easily obtain replaceable parts.

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