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Salamander Grills

Lincat AS4 Silverlink 600 Adjustable...

SAR 9,998
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Ideal for grilling Smooth action and easy-lift grill hood Height adjustable grill hood  20-minute audible timer Height markings  Removeable fat collection tray and chromed  1/1 GN compatible Counter top or wall mounted unit
Salamander Grills

Berto's SA/E60 Electric Salamander Grill

SAR 8,117
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Comfortable stainless steel grills allow an easier introduction and extraction of meals Manufacturing entirely of stainless steel 18/10 and the removable grills simplify the cleaning operations
Salamander Grills

Berto's SA/E 60-E Electric Salamander Grill

SA/E 60-E
SAR 6,824
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Corrugated stainless steel grills allow easier extraction of oils  Manufacturing entirely of stainless steel 18/10 Removable grills simplify the cleaning operations Temperature range: 50 - 300 °C  The heating occurs above the cooking product, and as a result, the meal is not roasting but baking  Thermoelectric heater 
Salamander Grills

Hatco TMS-1H Thermax Salamander

SAR 6,891
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Movable upper housing to reduce the heat loss to food areas The high powered heating elements are ready for use within 10 seconds 2 sets of independently controlled heating element sections give the benefits of flexibility and energy conservation Cook mode selection switch controls left, right, or both locations Includes a hold mode switch that...

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SAR 6,810 - SAR 10,005

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You can never have your kitchen up and running without proper cooking equipment. If you’re looking for equipment for frying, grilling, sauteing, boiling, broiling, or baking, you can choose from a wide selection of ranges, grills, and charbroilers to meet any of your cooking needs. Whether you’re running restaurant, hotel, catering service, deli, bakery, café or any food service establishment of any size, you can find your essentials and accessories here. From sous vides machines, toasters, griddles, and pasta cookers, to waffle and crepe makers, we’ve got you covered

Buy Salamander Grills in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait,Oman
Buy Salamander Grills in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait,Oman
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