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Winston PF46 Collectramatic Electric Pressure Fryer - 30 Liters

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  • Computerized processor control with eight programmable channels
  • A capacity of 4 chickens
  • Can perform 20-30 cook cycles without filtration
  • The Collectramatic has the largest cold zone in the industry, which extends oil life and reduces filtering downtime.
  • Cooks up to 8 kg of fried chicken in ten minutes
  • Quarter Rack basket system improves labor efficiencies with the option of using open basket.
  • Can be used as a pressure fryer for fried chicken or as an open fryer for delicate items like fries, nuggets, or chicken tenders
  • Low oil volume
    Key Features: The Winston PF46 Pressure Fryer is a versatile commercial fryer that offers efficient and consistent pressure frying, fast cooking times, and easy operation for delicious and tender chicken.
  • Unique Selling Points: Stand out from similar products with the fryer's patented pressure frying technology, which helps seal in flavors and moisture, resulting in juicy and flavorful fried chicken. It also features advanced programmable controls for precise cooking parameters, ensuring consistent results every time.
  • Size or Dimensions: This fryer has dimensions of approximately 49.5 cm (width) x 89 cm (depth) x 107 cm (height), offering a compact design that fits well in commercial kitchens while accommodating up to 4 chickens per batch.
  • Material or Composition: Crafted with durable stainless steel, the Winston PF46 Pressure Fryer ensures longevity, easy cleaning, and resistance to corrosion. The stainless steel construction makes it suitable for heavy-duty use in busy food establishments.
  • Usage or Functionality: The primary functionality of this fryer is to deliver delicious and tender pressure-fried chicken. It is perfect for restaurants, fast-food chains, and food establishments that specialize in fried chicken. The pressure frying method helps to achieve crispy exteriors while sealing in the natural juices and flavors, resulting in moist and flavorful chicken. With programmable controls, operators can easily set and adjust cooking parameters, ensuring consistent and high-quality results batch after batch.
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Winston was founded in 1969 when it invented the fryer Kentucky Fried Chicken still uses today. They are one of the leading manufacturers in food service all over the world, committed not only high-quality restaurant equipment but also helping world-wide food and nutrition problems by partnering with several nutrition organizations.

 Winston offers several lines of food service equipment such as the Winston Low-Pressure Fryer and the Winston Collectramatic Pressure Fryer. And aside from that they also have the Winston Oil Filter to cut costs and improves the taste of food in your kitchen. Winston diverse enough to meet many needs, but focused enough to provide awesome quality.

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More about the product

What is Pressure frying?

Pressure frying works by increasing the atmospheric pressure inside the enclosed fryer. Increased atmospheric pressure causes the boiling point of water, in this case, the liquid in the fried chicken, to rise. This has a couple of effects. First, when any product is dropped into hot oil for deep frying, the moisture at the surface quickly heats to the boiling point, causing it to evaporate as steam. Therefore, aggressive bubbling is seen in the early stages of frying.  when pressure is allowed to build in the fryer, the temperature of the steam will also rise, and because it's in direct contact with the surface of the protein being fried, the protein will arrive at its finished internal temperature much faster.

Second, because the boiling point of water is raised under pressure, less of the protein's liquid (juices) turn to steam in a pressure cooker, leading to more moisture retention, and a juicier end product.

The Collectramatic has the largest cold zone in the industry and can perform 20-30 cook cycles without filtration, which extends shortening life and reduces filtering downtime. If speed of service is important, the fryer’s heat curve can be adjusted to cook up to 8 Kg of fried chicken in as little as 10 minutes. Utilizing Winston’s Quarter Rack system improves labor efficiencies because the chicken is cooked on racks and moved directly into the holding cabinet with minimal handling.


Every inch inside the kitchen counts so Winston fryers are designed to produce more chickens in less space than other brands in the market. This means you can cook 18 chickens in the same space that other fryers will allow you to cook 16 chickens so more savings in terms of space and expensive hood cost. 

Winston fryers are also flexible in how you can use it so you can use it as a pressure fryer for the fried chickens or as an open fryer for delicate items like fries, nuggets or chicken tenders.


The Winston fryers are known for their reliability with a life span of 25 years that will make the cost of ownership very low. Unmatched by any other brands in reliability providing less downtime, faster recovery and cooking lots of chickens nonstop. 

Low oil volume

For The past 40 years, the Winston fryer is a low oil volume fryer with the largest cold zone in its class to collect all the food crumbs and prevent it from burning and effecting the oil life span. 

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Winston PF46 Collectramatic Electric Pressure Fryer - 30 Liters
ekuep fulfilled
Ekuep fulfilled

Winston PF46 Collectramatic Electric Pressure Fryer - 30 Liters

This Product

Price SAR 43,211.25 SAR 43,211.25 SAR 35,075.00
Extended Ekuep Warranty
Free installation
Depth (mm) 762 841 737
Width (mm) 513 513 N/A
Height (mm) 1549 1156 1088
Width 513 513 406
Amperage (A) 16 43.7 29
Power (W) 1050 10500 6000
Phase 3 1 1
Split Well No N/A No
Number of Wells 1 1 1
Machine Position Floor standing N/A Floor standing


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