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Roller Grill GVD335 Smooth Double Panini Grill

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  • Speed and Quality of Cooking: Reaches the required temperature of 270°C in just 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • Ensures even and consistent panini sandwiches with calibrated pressure, resulting in crispy bread on the outside and a melting filling inside, achieving 65°C at the core.
  • Advanced Cooking Technologies: Utilizes contact cooking on smooth vitroceramic plates.
  • Employs infrared rays from glass ceramic hobs. Features calibrated pressure with an oven effect, thanks to a removable stainless steel frame or "spacer".
  • The Vitro-Speed-Grill® under each plate allows for homogeneous cooking with minimal power, ensuring smoke-free cooking that can be used without an extractor.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for toasting a variety of sandwiches such as paninis, tacos, focaccia, and croque-monsieur.
  • Perfect for high-traffic locations like train stations, airports, and shopping malls.
  • Ease of Use and Cleaning: Features a lever system for effortless daily use.
  • Counter-balanced upper plates adapt to the thickness of the sandwich being cooked.
  • Temperature Range: 0-350°C
  • Construction: Stainless steel handles, ergonomic design
Voltage (V)
Power (W)
Amperage (A)
General information
Machine Position
Counter Top
Power Source
Country of Origin
Manufacturer Warranty (Years)
Control Type
Panini grills
Plate Material
Ceramic Glass
Plate Type
Cooking Surface Size Width (in)
Cooking Surface Size Depth (in)
Bun toasters
Thermostatically Controlled
Height (mm)
Depth (mm)

Established in 1947, Roller Grill International stands as the premier European producer of professional cooking and refrigeration equipment, offering an extensive array of kitchen appliances. Founded on innovation and quality, Roller Grill boasts a diverse product line including infrared toasters, multifunction ovens, fryers, and more. Crafted in France, their products combine innovation with superior quality, making them a top choice for hotels, and restaurants worldwide. With a commitment to continuous improvement, Roller Grill stays ahead through technological advancements and stringent adherence to industry standards, ensuring excellence in every product.

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The double glass ceramic contact-grill GVD 335 is designed to deliver exceptional speed and quality in cooking. It rapidly reaches the desired temperature of 270°C in just 2 minutes and 30 seconds, making it an efficient tool for high-demand environments. This specific double contact-grill for panini sandwiches provides unmatched cooking results, cooking 6 panini sandwiches in only 1 minute and 45 seconds at 270°C. This means it can produce more than 180 panini sandwiches per hour. The grill ensures even cooking with calibrated pressure, resulting in sandwiches with crispy bread on the outside and a melting filling inside, reaching 65°C at the core.

The exceptional speed and quality of cooking are achieved through the combination of three advanced cooking technologies. The contact cooking on smooth or grooved vitroceramic plates ensures uniform heat distribution. The infrared rays of the glass ceramic hobs enhance the cooking process, while the calibrated pressure with an oven effect is achieved thanks to a removable stainless steel frame or "spacer" laid on the bottom plate. The Vitro-Speed-Grill® under each plate allows homogeneous cooking by contact with minimal power.

The double vitroceramic contact-grill GVD 335 is user-friendly and easy to clean. It is designed for comfort and safety with features like a lever system that allows daily use without forcing the top plate, and counter-balanced upper plates that adapt to the thickness of the sandwich. Cleaning is simple with a fully removable drawer that collects juices and fats, and a wet sponge is enough to restore the shine of the glass plates. The grill is equipped with stainless steel handles, electronic timers for setting three independent cooking times, control lights, and a removable drawer.

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Roller Grill GVD335 Smooth Double Panini Grill
ekuep fulfilled
Ekuep fulfilled

Roller Grill GVD335 Smooth Double Panini Grill

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Price SAR 8,738.85 SAR 8,543.95 SAR 9,200.00
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Control Type Thermostatic N/A N/A
Thermostatically Controlled Yes N/A N/A
Depth (mm) 600 505 660
Height (mm) 260 337 860
Width 780 N/A 580
Amperage (A) 26 15 47.7
Power (W) 6000 3300 10500
Phase 1 1 1
Voltage (V) 230 N/A 220
Machine Position Counter Top N/A Counter Top


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