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Ayrking M101, Tumble Marinator

SAR 19,781.15

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  • Enhanced Flavor Infusion: The Ayrking M101 Tumble Marinator ensures thorough and consistent marination, resulting in enhanced flavor infusion for your meats and ingredients.
  • Time Efficiency: This marinator reduces marination time significantly, allowing for faster food preparation and service in commercial kitchens.
  • Uniform Marination: The tumbling action of the marinator ensures a uniform coating of marinade on all surfaces, providing consistent taste throughout your dishes.
  • Increased Moisture Retention: By effectively marinating, the M101 helps retain moisture in meats, preventing them from drying out during cooking and ensuring a juicier end product.
  • Easy Operation: Simple controls and user-friendly features make the M101 easy to operate, suitable for both experienced chefs and kitchen staff.
  • Durable Construction: Built with durable materials, the marinator ensures long-lasting performance, withstanding the demands of a busy kitchen environment.
  • Versatility: The M101 is versatile and suitable for marinating a variety of meats, making it an essential tool for culinary creativity.
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Power (W)
Amperage (A)
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Meat mincer

AyrKing is an industry leader in foodservice equipment manufacturing. From its humble beginnings in 1972 in Louisville, Kentucky, the company manufactures food preparation machines for fried foods. AyrKing’s food equipment are known for their durability, efficiency, and time-saving features that help business owners to reduce the waiting period for their customers’ fried food orders and deliver the best quality products. Also, the company ensures to offer reliable equipment when preparing any menu. AyrKing’s automated product lineup provides greater throughput and great ingredient savings so owners can optimize the use of their breading and frying oil. Currently, AyrKing products are widely used in many locations in different international quick-service restaurant chains worldwide.

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Ayrking M101, Tumble Marinator
ekuep fulfilled
Ekuep fulfilled

Ayrking M101, Tumble Marinator

This Product

Price SAR 19,781.15 SAR 10,637.50 SAR 37,799.35
Extended Ekuep Warranty
Free installation
Height (mm) 914 N/A 711
Width 991 N/A N/A
Depth (mm) 635 N/A 533
Amperage (A) 3.1 5 0.31
Voltage (V) 220 220 220
Phase 1 1 1
Power (W) 150 1100 30
Country of Origin USA Saudi Arabia USA
Manufacturer Warranty (Years) 2 2 2
Horsepower 0.2 N/A 0.04


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