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Ayrking B122 Plated Wire 9" Round Dip Basket

SAR 380 Free Shipping
This plated wire dip basket from AyrKing features a blue handle and is 9 round Stainless steel construction
AyrKing BBS-U-4221 breading workstation AyrKing BBS-U-4221 breading workstation 2
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Breading Equipment

AyrKing BBS-U-4221 Breading Workstation

SAR 28,614 Free Shipping
Sift and blend 30 lbs (14 kg) of breading in 60 seconds Rotary auger brush blends sift and eject dough balls simultaneously Blending brush action prevents ingredient segregation Quiet, vibration-free operation creates results, not disturbances Sixty-second timed cycle frees labor and saves energy


SAR 370 - SAR 28,620
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