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Electric Fryers

RM Gastro FE 70/08 E Electric Fryer with 2 Bowls

RM Gastro
FE 70/08 E
SAR 10,925 Free Shipping
Top plate pressed from 1.2mm thick AISI 304 stainless steel  The pressed basin is made of stainless steel AISI 304  Capacity: 2 x 13 litters Triple winding guarantees the longer service life of the unit  The cold zone under the units prevents burning and settled residues of materials and meals Rotary stainless units   Safety thermostat well...
Electric Griddles

RM Gastro FTHR 70/08 E, Half Smooth and Half...

RM Gastro
FTHR 70/08 E
SAR 7,475 Free Shipping
12mm top plat with excellent heat conduction The whole casing is made of stainless steel    Combined versions (1/2 grooved and 1/2 smooth)   Two independent cooking zones   Ready for use within 15 minutes   Griddle plate is welded together with a casing for better hygiene   Removable splash guard – 110 mm high  Large capacity grease collecting...
Bakery Deck Ovens

RM Gastro EPP 02 S Confectionery and Bakery 2...

RM Gastro
EPP 02 S
SAR 12,420 Free Shipping
Electric oven with static heat suitable for baking of confectionery products Oven 12 Kw 2 x GN 2/1 Heat regulation 50 – 300 C Separated regulation of resistances (top and bottom) Chambers are completely made of stainless steel Equipped with adjustable feet and a steam outlet  Size: 950 x 870 x 1155 mm
Electric Griddles

RM Gastro FTHR 90/80 E Electric Griddle ,Half...

RM Gastro
FTHR 90/80 E
SAR 11,500 Free Shipping
Electric Griddle ,1/2 smooth 1/2 ribbed , Czech 12 kw. Self standing unit on a neutral cabinet . 12mm top plat with excellent heat conduction . Heat regulation 50 – 300 C . Size : 800 x 700 x 900 mm.

For reliable ovens, griddles, and fryers, Czech company RM Gastro - hailing from Veselí nad Lužnici - offers an impressive range of product choices. Under the RM and Redfox brands, the company offers 8 main product lines, encompassing snack appliances, ovens (pizza, bakery, confectionery), griddles, fryers, and electric bain marie trolleys. The company employs 280 staff and exports to satisfied professionals in the catering business in 50 countries around the world.

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