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Coffee Scales

Hario VST-2000B Drip Scale

SCALE - 2000G
SAR 333
Free Shipping
Hario scale measures in 0.1 gram increments Includes a drip timer for perfect bloom times and pours each time Auto power off in 5 minutes (Not activated when the timer is on) Integrated timer for complete and total control of your brewing

Hario V60 02 Ceramic Coffee Dripper

SAR 92
The cone is V shaped and at 60 degrees angle The V60 dripper has a single large hole, which allows you to determine the flavour of the ground coffee by adjusting the water flow The Hario dripper has spiral ribs that maximise the expansion of the coffee by enabling air to escape while brewing

Hario Syphon Next Coffee Maker

Coffee Syphon Next
SAR 656
Free Shipping
Made of the best heat resistant borosilicate glass from Hario Includes a soot free denatured alcohol burner Easy to use Easy to Clean Imported from Japan
Coffee Hand Grinders

Hario Skerton, Ceramic, Manual Coffee Mill

SAR 172
Grinds the beans manually to the perfect texture  Stepped grind adjustment Compact size, great for traveling Hopper capacity: 100g of grounded coffee  Conical ceramic burrs Glass bowl is made of Heatproof Glass
Cold Brewers

Hario V60 Ice-Coffee Maker

V60 Ice Coffee Maker
SAR 229
Professional experience at brewing the perfect cup of coffee  Easy to use and to clean Made in Japan


SAR 66
Size: [cup] φ 87 x H 65 x W 106 mm / 220 ml[saucer] φ 130 x H 10 mmMaterial: heat resistant glass, stainless steelCountry of Origin: China MicrowaveOK (glass only), dish washer / dryer OK
Coffee Filters

Rattleware Mesh Tea Ball

SAR 11
Fill with your favorite loose leaf tea, and steep in a hot cup of water. The Mesh Tea Ball features stainless steel construction, however, hand washing is recommended Diameter: 5 cm
Coffee Hand Grinders

Rhinowares Coffee Hand Grinder

SAR 196
Quality stainless steel housing making cleaning easy - also reduces static A simple adjustment allows for a range of grind types and a smooth grinding motion Conical ceramic burrs ensuring a clean grind - the burrs stay sharp longer, don't rust and are easier to clean Ample capacity - can hold up to 42 grams of coffee beans A convenient and protective...

Brewista Hourglass 3 Cup

SAR 156
Tempered borosilicate glass Thick, protective silicone wrap Dual pour spouts Interior profile prevents filters from sticking Smooth pouring Perfect for brewing 1 to 3 cups Fits standard #2 cone style coffee filters

Loveramics Hutch Mug 250ml (Set of 6)

SAR 336
Free Shipping
Classic with a contemporary twist, practical and ergonomic handle A chunky, old diner style mug with modern colors Commercial grade high fired colored porcelain at 1300℃ Thick wall to trap heat 3 hand dipped pottery glazes for the hand-made, vintage look Each piece different with its own unique style A case of 6 pieces 

Fetco A147 Single Serving Stand (S4S-10-1)...

SAR 517
Free Shipping
Includes a removable drip tray to contain spills and ease cleanup Holds one coffee server (sold separately) Removable stand design for more convenient brewing, transport, and storage Perfect for meeting rooms, lobbies, cafeteria lines, and waiting rooms
Tea Accessories

Espresso Supply Glass Tea Hottle with...

Espresso Supply
SAR 34
Non-slip heat resistant durable plastic neckband with spill-proof stopper keeps tea hot for up to 1 hour Elegant curved glass body with screw lock mechanism and hollow ergonomic neck  o pour and carry beverages easily Capacity: 296 ml (10 oz) Easy to clean, store & carry. Do not heat on stovetop or microwave. Handwash recommended Use with tea,...

Home Use

Are you a home cooking enthusiast? do you spend your free time creating new recipes and making delicious food and beverages? This category offers you all the equipment and tools that you might need to take your home cooking experience to the next level. Whether you are making seriously measured dishes or simple delicate starters, Whether you are craving your daily coffee dose or would rather juice your way through the day, you will find all you need and more under Home Use category. A category that takes your home kitchen experience to new levels.

Buy Manual Brewing in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait,Oman
Buy Manual Brewing in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait,Oman
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