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Vito Oil Tester

Vito Vito


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  • Monitor the quality of your frying oil
  • Measure the temperature of your frying oil
  • Traffic light function 
  • Display is easy to read
  • Economic oil use
  • High quality of fried food
  • Quick and reliable measuring result
  • Easy to use & to clean 
  • Sturdy design

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Precise quality control of the oil during the frying process is important in ensuring the quality of the foods that you will be serving. That is why you should use the Vito Oil Tester in your commercial kitchen. Here are some of its features:

  • The Vito Oil Tester will help in maintaining the quality of the oil that you are using in your fryer.

  • It can tell you when you have to change the oil.

  • This product supports HACCP quality standards.

  • The unit has traffic light function and a display that is easy to read.

  • It can help in economic oil use and ensure high quality of fried food.

  • The tester gives quick and reliable measuring results.

  • Easy to use and clean, it also has a very sturdy design.

  • Product weight: 0.45 Kg.

Monitor the quality of the oil you are using with the help of the Vito Oil Tester.



VITO filters out 95% of excess food and carbonized particles that would normally speed up the breakdown process of any cooking medium.How it WorksVITO only takes 5 to 8 minutes to work, depending on the size of the fryer and the amount and type of food fried. The system forces the oil through a patented 5-micron filter at a force of 40psi, filtering roughly 180 pounds of oil per minute. On a 6 minute cycle, any deep fryer will be filtered 18 to 25 times.Why VITO?VITO is currently used in over 21,000 restaurants in 72 countries.VITO is easy to use, easy to clean and easier to maintain. By removing 95% of all particles, VITO not only saves 50% on oil costs, it also improves food quality, taste, appearance, remove bad odors from the kitchen, and is good for the environment.