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Charcoal Ovens

JOSPER HJX-20, Counter Top, Charcoal Oven

SAR 57,500
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Height (mm) : 1120 Width (mm) : 710 Depth (mm) : 420 Manufacturer Warranty (Years) : 2 Country of Origin : Spain Power Source : Charcoal Machine Position : Counter Top Material : Stainless Steel Electric : No
Charcoal Ovens

Kopa TYPE 300 Floor Standing Charcoal Oven

TYPE 300
SAR 33,782
Free Installation
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Grill Rack Size: 380 x 570 Capacity: 10Kg Meat per hour Working Temperature: 250-350c Avg. Charcoal Consumption: 3-6Kg Enamelled coloured front panel Analog thermometer Built-in ash pan and grease tray Heat-resistant stainless-steel handle 2 Stainless Steel grill racks Fully adjustable air regulator Height (mm): 890 Width (mm): 712 Depth...
Charcoal Ovens

X-oven x-oven.2 Floor Standing Charcoal Oven

Reduces charcoal consumption by 80% compared to traditional open-flame grills Average service time 5/7 hrs Starting time 1 hr Average production rate (300gr. a portion) 100 portions/hr Operating temperature 270 / 370 °C Capacity 2 GN 1/1 Height (mm): 1668 Width (mm): 960 Depth (mm): 1240 Country Of Origin: Italy Power Source: Charcoal Machine...

Commercial Ovens

A commercial oven is a must-have piece of cooking equipment in any restaurant, coffee shop or a bakery. Use it to prepare appetizers, side dishes or starters with greater efficiency. We have countertop and floor models from the leading vendors, so you can be sure to find the one which will be the most suitable for your needs. You can also choose from convection, conventional, combi and conveyor ovens. They will be ideal to prepare pizzas, cakes or bake anything else.

Charcoal Ovens
Charcoal Ovens
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