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Bunn Soft Heat Black Coffee Server

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  • Capacity 5.67 Liter
  • Remote one & two server docking stations for additional satellite coffee serving
  • Soft Heat® servers supply controlled heat to coffee to maintain flavor and temperature
  • LED power indicator shows server is operational
  • Docking stations have instant power contact with servers

Bunn company was founded by George R. Bunn Jr., in 1957, who invented the pour over coffee brewer and the flat-bottom fluted coffee filter. It has been five decades and five generations of making reliable beverage equipment and outstanding post purchased support for customers. Having created a global network of loyal home and commercial customers, Bunn delivers the highest possible quality beverage for every occasion that you need. This will ensure the customers that when they buy Bunn products they will surely receive the best quality of products. And with products such as brewers, dispensers and even super automatic espresso machines, Bunn has everything that you need for your home, cafe or restaurant.

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Bunn SH SERVER Soft Heat Black Coffee Server 

Most of the time, the coffee that you brew is not consumed immediately. This is especially true in the case of large-capacity brewers. You cannot expect a gallon of coffee to be consumed right away. The problem is how to keep that fresh and finding a way to serve it in a convenient and efficient manner. That’s why you should consider getting the SH SERVER Soft Heat Black Coffee Server.

Features of the Bunn SH SERVER Soft Heat Black Coffee Server 

Here are some of the features of this Bunn coffee server:

  • Soft Heat® Servers - This feature ensures that  that the right amount of heat is applied to the coffee to ensure that its flavor is maintained.
  • Server Docking Stations - One and two Docking stations for more coffee serving options. You can place the docking stations in a different location in the room. The stations have instant power contacts with the servers.
  • Soft    Heat® - The Soft Heat® feature ensures that heat is applied consistently and regularly in order to maintain temperature and the flavor of the coffee.
  • LED Indicator - The unit comes equipped with a LED    power    indicator that shows when it is operational.
  • Safety-Fresh® - Safety-Fresh® is a patented brew-through lid that allows you to brew coffee directly into the unit. It can save you a great deal of time. It’s also designed to prevent spills.

Benefits of the Bunn SH SERVER Soft Heat Black Coffee Server

It’s time to list the actual benefits that you can get from using the Soft Heat Black Coffee Server.

  • Convenient - With the two docking stations, coffee serving becomes very convenient with this unit.
  • Safe - Features like the Safety-Fresh®, makes it safe to use the unit. It is designed to prevent spills when brewing directly into the server.
  • Consistent Coffee Quality - When you use the Soft Heat Black Coffee Server the quality of the coffee that you will be serving will be maintained consistently. That’s assured because of the Safety-Fresh® which applies heat steadily to the beverage.



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