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Arab Dalla Arabic Coffee Maker Deem Guests Dalla

Arab Dalla
SAR 1,511 SAR 1,219
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Brews 7 liters  of Arabic coffee in just 30 minutes  Keeps the coffee hot for 6 hours  Digital control panel  Made of 304 Stainless Steel Measurement Spoon for coffee and Spices
Arabdalla JLS-170E Electric Arabic Coffee Maker Arabdalla JLS-170E Electric Arabic Coffee Maker  2
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Brewers for Home Use

Arabdalla JLS-170E Electric Arabic Coffee Maker

Arab Dalla
SAR 390 SAR 319
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Brews classic Arabian coffee in a simple way Stainless steel (quality 304) kettle with heater base and a digital display The kettle is designed in an enunciated Arabic fashion with a long spout, which ensures no spilling while pouring coffee from it The dry protection feature of the kettle automatically shuts down the apparatus, when there is deficient...
Arabdalla Deem Electric Milk Heater Arabdalla Deem Electric Milk Heater 2
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Arabdalla Deem Electric Milk Heater

Arab Dalla
SAR 426 SAR 299
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Automatically heats milk and prevents overflowing Turns on Keep Warm function for 120 minutes Capacity: 1.5 liters Auto mix while heating the milk Prepares different kinds of milk (Liquid - Powdered - Fresh) Stylish and easy to use design
Arabdalla JLR-170E3 Traveler Dalla Arabdalla JLR-170E3 Traveler Dalla 2
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Arabdalla JLR-170E3 Traveler Dalla

Arab Dalla
SAR 344 SAR 239
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Portable Arabic coffee maker helps to make a splendid Arabic coffee on a voyage Made up of heatproof polypropylene material which can be easily carried and cleaned Capacity of the dallah is 400ml which gives 15-20 small cup of coffee Automatic heating property maintains the hotness of coffee for 3 hours The apparatus is safe, as it automatically...
Arabdalla JLR050C2 Deem Turkish Coffee Maker 200 ml  Arabdalla JLR050C2 Deem Turkish Coffee Maker 200 ml   2
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Arabdalla JLR050C2 Deem Turkish Coffee Maker...

Arab Dalla
SAR 138 SAR 59
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Make Turkish Coffee easily and faster Maximum capacity 200ml (2 cups) Made of Polypropylene Plastic Smart Control Panel for Overflow deductor Removable hand
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Arab Dallah Deem, Coffee Drip Electric Kettle -...

Arab Dalla
SAR 273
Very elegant and Multi-function kettle, brushed stainless steel design keeps it free from fingermarks Color: Silver Capacity: 1 Liter Gives you a controlled, gentle, and accurate pour of water that is best for extracting the most flavor when you brew coffee using the pour-over method The handle is very comfortable to hold and pour. The nozzle hole is very...
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SmartLine Electric Multi Cooker

Arab Dalla
SAR 78
Instant pot Capacity 1 liter Made of stainless steel Compact size Heat level controller Heatproof handle Healthy and easy to use

Arab Dalla is among the best companies in the flooded world of coffee-making products. Their products are feature-rich, probably the reason why the company is well known and reliable. Commendable features include a sturdy base with a smart notification board, large capacity, and powerful productivity. They also make the interior parts of their coffee makers with high-quality steel for assured durability, fresh taste, and easy cleaning.

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