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TurboChef SOTA Microwave/Convection High-Speed...

SAR 31,050
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Independently-controlled dual motors for vertically-recirculated air impingement Top-launched microwave system Stirrer to help ensure even distribution of air and microwave External air filtration LED timer counts down the last 30 seconds of cook time Smart menu system capable of storing up to 256 recipes Self-diagnostics for monitoring oven...

Since 1991, TurboChef has been manufacturing high-quality rapid-cook kitchen equipment for the foodservice industry. Cook faster and more efficiently with than any traditional ovens, which helps you save on costs, energy, and labor. TurboChef produces unswerving cooked and quality foods.

TurboChef carries a wide range of foodservice ovens and accessories, ranging from high-speed convection ovens to countertop conveyor ovens.

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