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Sunkist S-102 Sectionizer Sunkist S-102 Sectionizer 2
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Manual Vegetable and Fruit Cutters

Sunkist S-102 Sectionizer

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makes quick work of slicing, halving, and wedging a variety of fruits and vegetables Blade cups and plungers are dishwashers safe for thorough cleaning   You can expect to section 10 to 12 cartons of oranges per hour Comes with 6 Wedge blade style With a simple pull of a handle, the Sunkist Growers S-102 Complete Sectionizer produces six even sections...
Domestic Juicers

Sunkist Citrus Juicer Type 8, 230 V

SAR 4,111 Free Shipping
Metal oscillating strainer with chrome-plated steel base Quiet, Heavy Duty motor Corrosion-proof white plastic dome, spout, and bowl Dishwasher safe Makes 10-12 gallons of juice per hour Three extracting bulbs: lemon/lime, orange, and grapefruit
Domestic Juicers

Sunkist PJF-A1 Pro Series Orange Juicer

SAR 2,760 Free Shipping
37 liter per hour production capacity Easy assembly and intuitive operation Pressure switch reamer control push the fruit down to start the motor Attractive chrome and black aesthetic Dishwasher safe removable juicing parts Quiet high torque motor  Made in America 

Sunkist may be known for their world-renowned juices but Sunkist also has products like the Commercial Juicer, the Sunkist Sectionizer, and the Sectionizer. With their innovation they continue to improve these familiar products and offers new one like the Auto-90 Industrial Sectionizer, leading the way in nurturing fresh fruit as an easy, nutritional option to snack foods.



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