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Puqpress M1 electronic tamper Puqpress M1 electronic tamper 2

Puq Press M1 Electronic Tamper

Puq press
SAR 4,369 Free Shipping
Compatible with Mahlkonig K30 and Peak Programmable Force/Pressure 10-30 Kg Tamper Size: Flat Base 58 mm Can accommodate different height portafilters
Puq Press M2 Precision Electronic Tamper Puq Press M2 Precision Electronic Tamper 2
Sold out

Puq Press M2 Precision Electronic Tamper

Puq press
M2 Matt black
SAR 4,380 Free Shipping
Compatible to fit under Mythos 1 and Mythos 2 Compatible with all portafilters, all brands, naked and spouted portafilters Tamper Size: 53 mm - 58.3 mm Tamping Pressure: 10-30 Kg (+/- 1Kg) Tamping Cycle: ~1 Second Speeds up workflow  Accurate and Leveled Tamps NonStick Tamper Coating preventing suction
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