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Undercounter Dishwashers

Hobart PROFI FX-10A Undercounter Dishwasher

SAR 23,999
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Front door glass and dishwasher with optional double rack system Nominal capacity up to 40 racks/h or 720 plates/h or 1,440 glasses/h Nominal capacity with double rack: up to 80 racks/h (40 plate racks + 40 glass/cup racks) 6 automatic cycles: short, standard, water X-change, STARCH-REMOVAL, permanent, hygiene Smooth counterbalanced door with...
Food Scales

Hobart HBR301-1 Bench Digital Scale

SAR 7,100
Free Shipping
Capacity:150 kg Easy-to-Read Display Energy Saver Setting - Set Shutoff Time to Extend Battery Life Low Battery Indicator Toggle Between (Lb./Kg.)  Stainless Steel Platter  AC/DC Adapter Battery Power Supply (6) D Cell Pan size: 40x50 CM Ideal scale for your receiving deck so you can weigh your product shipments
Dough Mixer

Hobart HSM10 Planetary Mixer (10KG)

SAR 20,000
Free Shipping
Bench model, height: 575 mm 6 pre-set speeds 1 bowl stainless steel, 10 liter 1 spiral dough hook - aluminum 1 flat beater -aluminum 1 wire whip - stainless steel Splash guard Easy accessible start/stop and speed selection controls Electronic drive control Toothed belt-driven epicyclic geared planetary head Interlocked bowl support Easy to use...
Radiant Charbroilers

Hobart BCB600-3, 4 Burners, Gas Radiant...

SAR 14,444
Free Shipping
Higher profitability using up to 18% less energy Targeted heat control: ensures that heat is focused toward the cooking area Thermal efficiency and heat targeted to the cooking area decrease operating costs Improved grate heat distribution: ensures high-quality cooking Easy to operate and to clean Removable grates Cassette style heat deflectors 4...
Hood Dishwashers

Hobart Profi AM900 Pass Through Dishwasher

SAR 36,786
Free Installation
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Made of Stainless Steel  capacity: 60 racks/h or 1080 plates or 2160 glasses  Cycle times: 60, 90, 180 seconds and customizable  Maximum water temperature: 60 C Rack size: 500*500 mm  2.5 liter per cycle water consumption 4 sided hood captures 70% of steam produced within the wash chamber Visiotronic color-coded display  Unit comes with the fill...
Food Processing Machines

Hobart VPU100 Vegetable Preparation Unit

SAR 16,890
Free Shipping
Slices, grates, shreds, dices cuts julienne and crimping slices in a variety of dimensions Processes up to 400 portions per day/ 5 kg per minute Processes fruit, vegetables, dry bread, cheese, nuts, mushrooms, etc Cutting tools with replaceable knife blades 1.65 liter feed cylinder, 56 mm tube feeder for elongated products Sold without cutting discs...

Established in 1897 in Ohio, Hobart has been a dedicated leading manufacturer of high-quality kitchen equipment for over a century, supporting commercial and institutional foodservice and food retail professionals by providing premium equipment they can trust. It produces hundreds of dishwashing, waste reduction, weighing and packaging, cooking, and food preparation equipment for any commercial kitchen, including mixers, meat slicers, potato peelers, countertop griddles, dishwashers, pop-up toasters, and more. 

Hobart’s main goal is to lead the foodservice and food retail equipment industry through technology innovation, operational excellence, superior customer service, and unsurpassed value.

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