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Espazzola Grouphead Cleaning Tool

SAR 163
Designed for cleaning 58-60 mm group heads Made of silicone and BPA-free plastic Uses the hot water of the espresso machine for the cleaning process Can be used without any detergent Dishwasher safe.

The technology of espresso machines has taken a significant leap. And yet for cleaning a wand of a grouphead, for most people, a simple damp towel or a hard brush remains the most common tool. And then comes the Espazzola Grouphead Cleaner, a portafilter shaped scrubber which is a flexible, innovative tool for cleaning the grouphead of espresso machines. Espazzola has made it easier to clean those hard to reach areas of the espresso machine and instead of wearing yourself by manually using a damp towel or brush, this tool manually cleans your machines almost automatically. Espazzola is German made and was designed by the physicist, Alexander Senger, it has a silicon chamber as stiff as hard leather and features variously sized plastic pick to remove those crusted milk from steam wands.

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