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Electric Fryers

Empero LK Doughnut Machine 220V

SAR 6,900 Free Shipping
Doughnut and Tulumba Dessert Machines 220 V. - 60 Hz Energy Dough capacity: 7 kg Cooking bowl capacity: 25 lt Lockable castors Stainless steel body
Shawarma Machines

Empero EMP.DN.172 Electric Shawarma Machine

SAR 9,499 Free Shipping
Low and high cooking temperature. Glass ceramic panels A sliding bottom housing of the spear provides shawarmameat to get closer to the burner Adjustable spear Motor at the  bottom with Dual direction option

Empero took its first step into the kitchen service industry in 1983. It is one of Turkey's top manufacturers specialized in food preparation equipment, cafe equipment, dishwashers, cooking equipment, cooling equipment, display products, shelves, Sahra kitchens, and mobile kitchens. After 36 years in the market, Empero became the leading company of this sector through presenting its products to the market with the disciplined efforts of over 50 administrative and sales staff at its 300 domestic and 290 abroad Sales points in 70 countries. 



SAR 6,885 - SAR 9,510
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