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Electro Freeze 99T-RMT Pressurized Machine
Floor Mount

Electro Freeze 99T-RMT Pressurized Machine

Electro Freeze
SAR 67,642 Free Shipping
This is our top of the range, twin flavour plus twist, pressurised (pump fed) soft serve machine. Whether it is for soft ice cream or frozen yogurt it produces the highest quality, most consistent and profitable product you can serve.
Electrofreeze Gravity Soft Serve Freezer Compact Series
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Electrofreeze Gravity Soft Serve Freezer...

Electro Freeze
SAR 36,800 Free Shipping
Serves two flavors  Easy to Operate and Clean Quiet in Operation, can be sited in restaurant areas close to customers Exclusive Beater Design gently blends, reducing agitation and maintaining product quality and consistency Dimensions: Width 67 * Depth 64 * Height 79 cm  Net weight: 158 kg  Amps 220-240/60/1 Air 14 
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