For Convenience, Durability, and Easy Cleanup, Shop our Disposable Restaurant Supplies. Catering disposables are a staple for mobile caterers, restaurant chains, coffee shops, and takeaway establishments. They are ideal for everyday use as they reduce food waste and are also practical for outdoor events such as weddings, buffets and food markets.

Paper & Eco-Friendly Disposables

Explore our Paper & Eco-Friendly products to find the most convenient way of serving food & drinks! 

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Disposable Take-Out Containers

Load your establishment with all sorts of food disposables, from food trays to fries boxes, we got you covered! 

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Disposable Face Masks & Gloves

Personal Protective Equipment kit is a crucial protective element safeguard ourselves from infections or viruses that can be transmitted. It not only protects healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, etc. but also helps contain the spread of the deadly disease. This kit contains face shields, face masks, and gloves that preventing transmission of the virus and reduces the chance of being exposed and spreading germs.

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