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Curtis WB-14-60 14 Gallon Dual Voltage Hot Water Dispenser
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Hot Beverage Dispensers

Curtis WB-14-60 14 Gallon Dual Voltage Hot...

SAR 14,999 SAR 12,749 Free Shipping
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Whether you're serving tea, soup, or hot chocolate, this gallon hot water dispenser is ideal for any job that requires boiling hot water Constructed of heavy gauge stainless steel with smooth welded seams Features thermostatic controls and an automatic refill system
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Outlet Equipment

[Used] Curtis RU-300 Automatic Twin 3 Gallon...

USED - RU-300
SAR 12,999 SAR 9,000 Free Shipping
Used; perfect working condition The item comes with all original accessories Scratches from front Reference: RU-300 LPN: PL0000026832 1 year warranty
  • Reduced price Save 3,846 SAR
Outlet Equipment

[Used] Curtis RU-150 Automatic Single 3 Gallon...

USED - RU-150
SAR 11,846 SAR 8,000 Free Shipping
Used; perfect working condition The item comes with all original accessories Minor scratches on the item Reference: RU-150  LPN: PL0000026831 1 year warranty
Pour Overs

Curtis RU-300 Automatic Twin 3 Gallon Coffee Urn

SAR 12,999 Free Shipping
Automatic Refill During Brew Cycle Thermostatically Controlled for Near-Instant Recovery Closed-Lid Brewing Creates Superior Flavor and Full Coffee Aroma Swing-Spray Head Evenly Saturates Coffee Grounds for Complete Extraction

Curtis TLCG15 Wilbur Milano Server

SAR 2,189 Free Shipping
Holds 1.5 gallons Smart server design uses vacuum insulation maximizing heat retention Brew through server lids lock in temperature and flavor Integral faucet and guard. Faucet guard drops down for ease of cleaning brush. Size: 22.5"H x 9.5"W x 13.75"D Weight: 15 pounds

Curtis RU-300-63 Automatic 2 Pot Coffee Urn

SAR 21,292 Free Shipping
Electrical heating Stainless-steel construction  Capacity: 2 containers x3 gallons (2 x 13 liter) Electricity: 220/60/1  Power: 6 k w
Hot Beverage Dispensers

Curtis WB-10-60 Dual Voltage Hot Water Dispenser

SAR 6,637 Free Shipping
Capacity: 37 Liter Automatic refill system Thermostatic Controls Sight Glass available on all models Smooth welded seams “No-Drip” faucet Precision temperature gauge Large “HOT WATER” graphics

A family-owned business since 1941, Curtis manufactures commercial brewing equipment, cappuccino dispensers, iced tea brewing systems, coffee servers and much more. Curtis strives for innovation, so it is hardly old-fashioned. It features premium quality products to enhance customers experience in your establishments or even in the comfort of your home. Wilbur Curtis company is environmentally cautious when it comes to their products, taking care to reduce, reuse and recycle whenever needed.

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