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Bunista Brazil Serra Negra 1kg

SAR 136
Whole Bean 1kg Dark Chocolate, Dried Fruit, Sugarcane Natural 1,250 masl Yellow Catuai

Bunista Pero Cajamarca Coffee Beans 1kg

SAR 160
Whole bean  1kg  Tart, chocolatey, creamy, almond, herbal aftertaste Variety: Catimor, Caturra, Costa Rica, Typica, Bourbon 1170-1900 masl Washed

The Bunista coffee story starts approximately five years ago when a farmer grew a coffee tree and took care of it for more than five years before it bore fruits. Once the fruits were ripe, the farmer picked the ripe cherries and sent samples to the company’s specialized team. The beans were processed in Bunista’s roaster in Saudi Arabia, where they were treated with care to produce quality beans. Unlike the majority of coffee beans in the market, Bunista is 100% Arabica coffee perfect for espresso brewing.

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