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Brewista Hourglass 3 Cup

SAR 156
Tempered borosilicate glass Thick, protective silicone wrap Dual pour spouts Interior profile prevents filters from sticking Smooth pouring Perfect for brewing 1 to 3 cups Fits standard #2 cone style coffee filters

Brewista Smart Brew Steeping Filter

SAR 138
Durable BPA-free Polypropylene construction Dishwasher safe, easy to assemble and disassemble Ambidextrous, flat-bottom design Innovative twist shut-off lever Non-slip design fits the Brewista 360ml or 600ml servers or most mugs

Brewista, a brand that designs coffee brewing equipment, is a young company, formed in 2014, in Wyoming, United States. By collaborating with the best designers, engineers, coffee and tea aficionados, roasters and brewers, the company has obtained the highest level of technology. It brings you tools that help professionals or home aficionados brew better coffee. Brewista brings innovation to coffee products. A proud manufacturer of brewing equipment like the Brewista Pour Over Coffee Maker, which offers an all-in-one coffee maker, the Smart Scale v2, an excellent tool for measuring, or the Smart Brew Kettle, the perfect choice for that morning brew, Brewista will have a product that meets your needs. It is a trusted industry brand based in the US with global distribution.

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