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Vacuum Tumbler

Biro VTS-42 Vacuum Tumbler Marinator

SAR 26,699
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It's a counter top vacuum tumbler Used to marinate most meats and fish in less than 20 minutes It's easy to use Maintenance and cleaning of the equipment takes much less time 1.25 HP
Patty Press

Biro F2000N Burger Forming Machine

SAR 65,341
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The production capacity of 2,000 patties/hour Design from the Mold in the drum Adjustable patty weight You can select product weights depth up to 19mm, depth 12 mm standard  Standard shape: ( A ), the other shapes are available on order Models are compact, have a small footprint, and are easy to clean-up Drum capacity: 27kg 220/60HZ/1
Bone Saw Cutters

Biro BCC-100 Poultry Processing Machine

SAR 18,294
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Ideal to cut-up a variety of products (chicken, duck, fish, rabbit, etc.) Special 9″ diameter (23cm) smooth beveled knife blade produces clean cuts without skin tearin There is no cutting loss and minimal product shrinkage 3/4 horsepower totally enclosed motor to maintain maximum productivity Dimenssions (mm): 457 L x 470 W x 559 H

Biro Manufacturing Company is recognized for manufacturing meat processing tools and equipment. The company provides meat saws and tenderizers, mincers, mixer grinders, vacuum tumblers, deli, and horizontal slicers, poultry cutters, frozen block chippers, and other equipment for processing meat products. Founded by Carl Biro in 1921, he has envisioned creating a reliable machine to hasten the meat-cutting tasks efficiently. He was the first to launch the Biro Power Meat, Fish and Bone Cutter. Eventually, this innovative cutter became very popular. It was considered a breakthrough in the meat-processing industry that led to Biro’s prominence. For barely a century, Biro continues up to this day to provide a wide range of products of over 35 items that offer innovative solutions to food businesses in the meat processing industry worldwide. Biro despite its success believes that “The best is yet to come.”

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