Who are we?

We are an offshoot of the largest Kitchen/Cafe Equipment Suppliers (Raqtan Group), with an independent approach to market and tons of fresh ideas. So, while our roots give us strength and stability, our outlook departs from the market norms of offering the client the same for more. And yes, we are proudly a Saudi company, with members from KSA, Middle East, Europe and the Indian Subcontinent.  Our backgrounds are just as diverse. We are chefs, baristas, coders, designers etc. One thing unites us though - we all love customer service.

Finally, we are a young team, we are ambitious and we love simplicity. We believe that business is not commercial - it is emotional. It is human.

Our Warehouses

Our warehouses are full, ripe and ready for harvest. We keep abundant stock to ensure we ship without delay.


Why Ekuep?

Because it just makes sense. Enthusiasts, startups and even established businesses are fed up with the status quo offers. We know it firsthand. We tried to buy. It’s a mess. It seems that as a buyer you are down to two options: either great quality but crazy expensive or great price with disposable quality. And to add insult to injury, really bad customer experience with poor advice and services. That is not how things have to be!

We want to unlock this trade-off. We believe in quality and good price while providing the customer with enriching experience and service.


We make it clean and clear. Better price, higher quality, other services… you pick. You know better. We also know one more thing, we don’t know enough. We will listen, carefully examine your input and keep feeding the virtuous cycle of quality adding price beating… and value creation. So please speak to us.

What now?

Just go and buy. If in doubt, chat with us.

Our Commercial Registration Number (CR): 2052002870

Our VAT Registration Number: 300774863200003