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The success story has started when the founder of Arab Dalla Company innovated an Arabic Coffee Maker that brew the Arabic coffee without overflow, and simulate the traditional way of preparing Arabic coffee in contemporary way. The company found in 2011 which has the same name of the first product but later Deem became the main brand for Arab Dalla co. to achieve the ambitions vision of innovate and create traditional products by transforming and developing into international standardizes Vision Our innovative products and our brands to be the best and spread-out globally to make people’s life easier and better. Mission and Message • Innovation and development of household electrical appliances. • Creating work environments that helps capabilities to innovate. • Finding the best innovative and quality technical solutions. • Adoption of icon of Arabic hospitality (Saudi coffee) to be listed as hot beverage in the international cafes in all over the world. • Highlighting the significance of our heritage in a contemporary way to be international. Objectives • Our brands included among the most powerful and famous 50 brands in Saudi Arabia and internationally well-known brands. • Make Arab Dalla Trading Company to be an attractive field for innovators. • Having a leading position in the provision of equipment and innovative hospitality accessories with its traditional flavor in a modern way.

Arab Dalla Arabic Coffee Maker Deem Guests Dalla

Arab Dalla
SAR 1,380 Free Shipping
Brews 7 liters  of Arabic coffee in just 30 minutes  Keeps the coffee hot for 6 hours  Digital control panel  Made of 304 Stainless Steel Measurement Spoon for coffee and Spices
Arabdalla Deem Electric Milk Heater Arabdalla Deem Electric Milk Heater 2
Coffee Machines

Arabdalla Deem Electric Milk Heater

Arab Dalla
SAR 390 Free Shipping
Automatically heats milk and prevents overflowing Turns on Keep Warm function for 120 minutes Capacity: 1.5 liters Auto mix while heating the milk Prepares different kinds of milk (Liquid - Powdered - Fresh) Stylish and easy to use design
Arabdalla JLR-170E3 Traveler Dalla Arabdalla JLR-170E3 Traveler Dalla  2
Coffee Machines

Arabdalla JLR-170E3 Traveler Dalla

Arab Dalla
SAR 314 Free Shipping
Portable Arabic coffee maker helps to make a splendid Arabic coffee on a voyage Made up of heatproof polypropylene material which can be easily carried and cleaned Capacity of the dallah is 400ml which gives 15-20 small cup of coffee Automatic heating property maintains the hotness of coffee for 3 hours The apparatus is safe, as it automatically...
Arabdalla JLR050C2 Deem Turkish Coffee Maker 200 ml  Arabdalla JLR050C2 Deem Turkish Coffee Maker 200 ml   2
Coffee Machines

Arabdalla JLR050C2 Deem Turkish Coffee Maker...

Arab Dalla
SAR 68
Make Turkish Coffee easily and faster Maximum capacity 200ml (2 cups) Made of Polypropylene Plastic Smart Control Panel for Overflow deductor Removable hand
Arabdalla JLS-170E Electric Arabic Coffee Maker Arabdalla JLS-170E Electric Arabic Coffee Maker  2
Coffee Machines

Arabdalla JLS-170E Electric Arabic Coffee Maker

Arab Dalla
SAR 356 Free Shipping
Brews classic Arabian coffee in a simple way Stainless steel (quality 304) kettle with heater base and a digital display The kettle is designed in an enunciated Arabic fashion with a long spout, which ensures no spilling while pouring coffee from it The dry protection feature of the kettle automatically shuts down the apparatus, when there is...
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