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Stainless Steel Floor Grating

Miran Stainless Steel Floor Grating

SAR 3,872
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Made of stainless steel 304 Dimension: width 300mm Used for toilet, kitchen, veranda and public drain area Corrugated gratings to prevent caster from getting trapped and anti slip to avoid hazards Floor troughs will accommodates 4 inch (101mm) bottom drain with a removable perforated stainless steel  Fully welded corners ground and polished for a...


SAR 3,870 - SAR 3,880

Stainless Steel Equipment

Quality and convenient stainless steel equipment is an integral part of any commercial kitchen. We have a wide range of top quality kitchen equipment from Ovens, Dishwashers, barista stations, floor grating, and grease traps, to dump stations, sinks, cabinets, hoods, shelves, and tables. The stainless steel tables and shelves are essential products to have in your commercial restaurant, bakery, school dining hall, or catering business. These items feature flat surfaces, so chefs can tenderize meats, chop vegetables, knead the dough, or mix batters. They can also maximize your storage and prep space

Buy Floor Grating in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait,Oman
Buy Floor Grating in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait,Oman
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