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Ingredient Bowls

Cambro 100MCCW135 Camwear Clear Measuring Cup

SAR 41
1-quart measuring cup is made of strong, virtually-unbreakable polycarbonate material Dual measurement systems in blue and red make it easy to measure and differentiate between American standard units and metric units Securely fastened, molded-in handle that makes for a smoother pouring process
Ingredient Bowls

Cambro 400MCCW135 Camwear 3.78 liter Clear...

SAR 85
Camwear measuring cup with a 3.78 (4-qt.) capacity Easy-to-read American standard and metric markings on the exterior The handle is molded-in to prevent breakage Polycarbonate construction is rugged and durable
Ingredient Bowls

Cambro 50MCCW135 Camwear 1 Pint Clear Measuring...

SAR 41
Made of strong, virtually-unbreakable polycarbonate material that will not dent under everyday use It features a molded-in handle that will not break off and molded in, externally marked graduations for an accurate measurement every time
Ingredient Bowls

Kapp Polyethylene Mortar

SAR 91
Great for grinding Nuts, Spices, Fruits & Vegetables  Polyethylene mortar pan Heavy duty polyethylene construction Won't rust or dent Easy to clean

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SAR 30 - SAR 105


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Buy Ingredient Bowls in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait,Oman
Buy Ingredient Bowls in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait,Oman
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