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Refrigeration Equipment Outlet

[USED] True Refrigerator & Freezer Pack

SAR 17,719 SAR 26,057 Free Shipping
Used; perfect working condition The item comes with all original accessories The items have visible scratches and dents (refer to product picture)  T-23 LPN: PL0000020662 T-23F LPN: PL0000021979 1-Year Warranty 



SAR 17,710 - SAR 17,720

Outlet Equipment

Is good quality and branded equipment too expensive for you but you don't trust (rightfully so) "non-brands"? We have just the solution for you!
We want to offer you pre-owned, pre-used, showroom or old units from our reputable vendors. We have inspected every one of them ourselves and made it fully functional. They are not always perfect-looking, usually, come without the box or manual but we give warranty and guarantee they will serve you well.
Please refer to each item's description for details and see real pictures
Outlet Bundles
Outlet Bundles
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