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King Edward Large Potato Baker
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Specialty Equipment

King Edward PB2FV Large Potato Baker

King Edward
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• Stainless Steel convection oven • Audible Timer• Switch from “cook and display” to “display only” • 55 minute cooking time for full load of potatoes • Up to 60 potatoes oven capacity.• Up to 60 potatoes display capacity.• Fully insulated with solid brass or chrome embellishments • Illuminated display oven & gallery • Suitable for countertop
King Edward Small Potato Baker (PB1) Red
Specialty Equipment

King Edward PB1FV/CL Small Potato Baker (Red)

King Edward
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20-25  potatoes oven capacity. 20-25 potatoes display capacity. 55 minute cooking time for a full load of potatoes. Tough, easy clean vitreous enamel exterior with brass embellishments.  Stainless Steel version with chrome embellishments.   Audible Timer.   Fully insulated.  Illuminated display oven and brass gallery. Made in UK
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