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Victoria Arduino Theresia Volumetric T3 Espresso Machine Victoria Arduino Theresia Volumetric T3 Espresso Machine 2
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Volumetric Espresso Machines

Victoria Arduino Theresia Volumetric T3...

Victoria Arduino
SAR 21,904 SAR 16,428 Free Shipping
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Supermirror stainless steel body with geometric design represents a diamond  Incorporates innovative T3 technology that enables barista of setting  the temperature of the group head  PID system controls all variables   Equipped with one cool touch steam wand and one Teflon portafilter  Steam boiler with a capacity of 1,1 liter and coffee boiler with...
Super Automatic Espresso Machines

Nuova Simonelli MicroBar II Superautomatic...

Nuova Simonelli
SAR 12,687 Free Shipping
Color: Black With the introduction of the new pump on the Microbar II it delivers quiet operation during delivery and increasing productivity. The pump also allows the Pentobar to optimize the texture of the crema, as well as the dispensed volume. Microbar II has a metal thermo-compensated delivery group which guarantees maximum precision for...
Espresso Grinders

Eureka Olympus 75 Espresso Grinder

SAR 5,475 Free Shipping
Flat burrs made of steel with a diameter of 75 mm Stepless micrometric adjustment Bean hopper capacity: 1.6 kg Anti-static and Anti-clumping Ultra-fast Grind Speed
Espresso Grinders

Eureka Zenith 65 Espresso Grinder

SAR 4,161 Free Shipping
Commercial-caliber Espresso Grinder Flat burrs made of steel with a diameter of 65 mm Bean hopper capacity: 1.4 kg Stepless Grind Adjust Timed Dosing Spotlight on the filter holder
Baratza Forte-BG Brew Grinder - Metal Burr Baratza Forte-BG Brew Grinder - Metal Burr 2
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Brewed Coffee Grinders

Baratza Forté BG Brew Grinder

SAR 4,170 SAR 3,544 Free Shipping
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Grinding Disc: 54mm Steel discs manufactured by Ditting  Grinding Speed: AeroPress 1.2g/second and for Press 2.4g/second Bean Hopper: 300-400g and grounds Bin Capacity: 170g LED Screen Display High daily capacity (2.3 kg per day) Built-in electronic scale for accurate grind weights  Cast metal construction
MDX On Demand MDX On Demand 2
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Espresso Grinders

Nuova Simonelli MDX On Demand Grinder

Nuova Simonelli
SAR 3,285 SAR 2,792 Free Shipping
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Grinding Disc: 65 mm Special Steel  LCD Multifunctional Display with a shot counter Stepless Micrometric Grind Setting 1.2 Kg Hopper with "Stop Gate"  Equipped with Timed Programmable Dosing, manual mode, and fully locked mode Easy to clean Die-cast Aluminum Body Portafilter Holder
Pour Overs

Bunn Black Glass Decanter

SAR 110
Container and handle core are molded as sturdy, extra-strength, one-piece construction for longest life Clear, high-impact-resistant material Drip-proof, fast-pour Lipan exclusive BUNN design to assure convenient serving. Fast, clean pouring from front or either side Contains Raqtan logo 

Fetco F002 13" X 5" Filter Paper (500 Count)

SAR 160
Fits to models CBS-1131-V+CBS-1132-V+CBS-2131XTSCBS-2132XTSCBS-2141XTSCBS-2142XTSTBS-21HCBS-51H1552H1552H20 (half batch)CBS-51H10CBS-3000CBS-11HCBS-12H (half batch)
Coffee Scales

Hario VST-2000B Drip Scale

SCALE - 2000G
SAR 333 Free Shipping
Hario scale measures in 0.1 gram increments Includes a drip timer for perfect bloom times and pours each time Auto power off in 5 minutes (Not activated when the timer is on) Integrated timer for complete and total control of your brewing

Moccamaster Case of 100 No.4 Filters

SAR 16
High-quality filter paper allows only the best taste of your coffee to filter through Moccamaster white coffe filters are bleached using environmentally-friendly oxygen No. 4 100 pcs
Espresso Grinders

Nuova Simonelli MDX Coffee Grinder

Nuova Simonelli
SAR 2,737 Free Shipping
Step-less, micrometric grind adjustment Die-cast aluminum body Stainless steel 65mm burrs Premium adjustable metal doser Closable high capacity hopper (2 pounds) Portafilter holder
Espresso Grinders

Baratza Forte AP Grinder

SAR 4,084 Free Shipping
All-purpose grinder (espresso-drip) 54 mm ceramic flat burrs Ceramic burrs prevent heat transfer Hopper capacity: 300g  Three user-programmable settings based on weight (+/- .1 gram) or time (+/- .1 sec) Bean shutoff feature permits no-mess hopper removal for changing out beans Portafilter holder for hands-free grinding Touch LCD display Strong...
Brewed Coffee Grinders

Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder

SAR 678 Free Shipping
40 mm Conical Hardened Steel Burr 227g Hopper Capacity Provides consistent grinds for brew methods from espresso to French Press Precision conical burrs deliver consistent, quality ground coffee every time With 40 individual grind settings, you can find the perfect grind size for all brewing methods

Fetco D041 Pump Lever Airpot 3.0L

SAR 531 Free Shipping
3 Liter Capacity Constructed of Dual Layer Stainless Steel Vacuum sealed inner liner insulates and holds the beverage while the outer body layer protects the end user by staying cool to the touch
Coffee Scales

Acaia Pearl Scale

SAR 797 Free Shipping
Fast Accurate & Sensitive Stabilization Timer Automated auto-off customization Rechargeable USB power supply
Pour Overs

Moccamaster Thermos Carfet Coffee maker

SAR 1,313 Free Shipping
• Perfect brewing temperature of 92° to 96°C: less sour or bitter taste • 1.25 litre (10 cups) within 6 min. • Two lids: the mixing/brewing lid with mixing tube for homogeneous coffee and a transport lid • The mixing lid is also suitable to poor the coffee in your mug, no need to turn the lid open.Click here for Paper Filter
Cold Brewers

Hario V60 Ice-Coffee Maker

V60 Ice Coffee Maker
SAR 229
Professional experience at brewing the perfect cup of coffee  Easy to use and to clean Made in Japan
Semi Automatic Espresso Machines

Nuova Simonelli Appia II Semiautomatic 1 Group

Nuova Simonelli
SAR 9,222 Free Shipping
Compact Size (40 cm) suitable for  locations with minimal counter space, restaurants, and small coffee shops High-quality espresso for low volume locations comes with a raised groups that allows you to brew your espresso for a latte or cappuccino directly into a large cup The SIS (Soft Infusion System) guarantees a soft and creamy espresso shot
Brewers for Home Use

Arab Dalla Arabic Coffee Maker Deem Guests Dalla

Arab Dalla
SAR 1,511 Free Shipping
Brews 7 liters  of Arabic coffee in just 30 minutes  Keeps the coffee hot for 6 hours  Digital control panel  Made of 304 Stainless Steel Measurement Spoon for coffee and Spices

Home Use

Are you a home cooking enthusiast? do you spend your free time creating new recipes and making delicious food and beverages? This category offers you all the equipment and tools that you might need to take your home cooking experience to the next level. Whether you are making seriously measured dishes or simple delicate starters, Whether you are craving your daily coffee dose or would rather juice your way through the day, you will find all you need and more under Home Use category. A category that takes your home kitchen experience to new levels.

Buy Coffee Equipment in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait,Oman
Buy Coffee Equipment in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait,Oman
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