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Forcar was founded in 1994 as an offshoot of Fimar, aiming to extend the original product range with professional table service equipment. This ambitious project took shape and work started in a new manufacturing facility with the production of food trolleys, service cabinets and articles for hotels and butchers.

Year by year, given the positive results obtained and the growing demand, production was expanded with an increasingly complete range of trolleys and new articles for hotels, kitchens, butchers, pizzerias and hospitals, capable of satisfying a vast variety of needs.

In ten years the growth and success of Forcar reached notable levels, and having become a consolidated company particularly present and recognized on the Italian and foreign market, it was decided to expand even further with a line of refrigerated articles.

This new production of refrigerated cabinets, counters and tables started in 2004, marketed with excellent quality at highly competitive prices. The new products were an immediate success, thanks also to rapid delivery services that fully cater for the needs of customers. 
To better satisfy the growing request for its products, Forcar soon expanded its workforce and production facilities.

The company is now able to cover most of the demand of the collective catering market with a truly comprehensive range of products, and although still young is a solid and dynamic enterprise, ready to grow even further and achieve new corporate targets.

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SAR 2595 - SAR 2610