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Univex 8713S Premium Quality Semi Automatic Slicer
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Univex 8713S Premium Quality Semi Automatic Slicer

SAR 29,180 SAR 20,426 Free Shipping
Premium Supermarket quality Semi-automatic slicer 13” Precision German hollow ground slicing blade  Automatic mode variable speed drive  Solid one piece Anodized aluminum construction  Gear Driven  Max slice thickness.875” Top mounted easy to remove sharpener  Carriage detaches for easy washing/sanitization Powerful 1/2 hp motor

Globe Chefmate C9 9" Light Duty Manual Gravity...

SAR 4,724 Free Shipping
lightweight and it features a removable, easy-to-clean chute, slice deflector, knife cover, and all metal knife sharpener The machine can slice between 0" to 9/16" thickness Ergonomically designed handle with a smooth stainless steel ball bearing chute slide 1/4 HP Oversized positive traction grooved belt drive Sealed splash zones for added...

Globe G12 Medium Duty Manual Slicer

SAR 6,983 Free Shipping
12" hard chromed special alloy, hollow ground knife, longer lasting and easier to sharpen Extended rod, end weight, and chute can accommodate product up to 10.5" in length Gripping teeth on the underside of end weight for stability when slicing taller product 0 to 9/16" slice thickness 1/2 HP Anodized aluminum construction with seamless edges and...


SAR 4,720 - SAR 20,430

Food Preparation

Regardless of what sort of foodservice business you run, we have food preparation equipment that will make your life easier and your day-to-day tasks a lot less complex. Whether you’re looking for meat and cheese slicer or French fry cutter to use in your deli, or you need food packaging supplies to safely store leftover ingredients at your restaurant, or still in search for dough mixers and sheeters, or breading equipment at your bakery, we’ve got you covered. You will be able to perform tasks safely and incredibly reduce the wasted time and effort at your kitchen if you got the right tool

Buy Slicers in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait,Oman
Buy Slicers in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait,Oman
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