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Heat Lamps

Hatco DL-700-RL Decorative Lamp (Red Color)

SAR 2,699
Free Shipping
Perfect for use in cafes, pizza shops, buffets, or any other location Provides radiant heat to briefly hold food warm at kitchen work areas Bulb not included
Insect Control

Genus Illume Alpha Light For Flying Insect...

Genus Illume
SAR 1,118
Free Shipping
Mimicking the appearance of a modern wall light Perfect for fly control in sensitive front of house locations Available with 2 x 25 W UVA lamps providing fast-flying insect attraction Large and discreet HACCP compliant glue board catches all flying insects Electronic ballast engineering for greater power efficiency and reduced running costs...
LED Furniture

Smart & Green Bass Floor Table

Smart & Green
SAR 2,354
Free Shipping
Size: Large: 80*51 cm, Medium: 60*42 cm The Bass wireless LED lamp is perfect for lighting your evening services, parties, and gatherings Equipped with a modern Plexiglas tray Its Bluetooth technology allows you to control the switching of furniture lamps using your smartphone or tablet


SAR 1,110 - SAR 2,710

Dining Room

Whether you own a diner or a five-star hotel, you will need to have your table all set and ready. We have all you need from tabletops, buffetware, serving trays, menu and signage, and restaurant furniture. All of our products are crafted from durable materials and designed to suit every taste and style

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